(Promotion) Rechargeable Type-c Flashlight

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Model: K91/K92
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: black
Gear: strong light, medium light, double-click strobe.
Tail: flat
Functions: lighting, night riding, emergency, self-defense, portability, mini flashlight, camping.
Weight: short model weight 80g, long model weight 90g/short kit weight 142g, long kit weight 172g.
The short model is powered by 16340 battery: 700mAh. The long model is powered by 18650 battery: 3000mAh.
Runtime: 16340 battery runs for about 1 hour, and 18650 battery runs for about 4 hours.
Voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
Waterproof: IPX45
LED: P50 (round led)
Throwing distance: 200-500m
Power: 15W
Output: 600-1500 lumens
Size: short 9.5*3*2.5cm, long 12.8 * 3 * 2.5cm.

Note: individual flashlights are packed in plastic bags.