RovyVon Angel Eyes E11 Titanium Keychain Flashlight Limited Edition

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Tritium vials

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The RovyVon Angel Eyes E11 Titanium is a small EDC flashlight in limited edition and with a particular and unique design. The E11 has a special treatment to have a unique and gorgeous look: it appears to have different colors based on the different angle from which you look or based on how the sunlight is reflected. It is a collector's torch much appreciated by true torch lovers. It has two colors available: Dawn in the dark and Camouflage. Dawn in the dark color is the most popular of the Aurora A11 line and camouflage is the new color of the RovyVon production line. The E11 is extremely compact in fact its dimensions are: 66.1 mm / 2.6 inches (W) x 27.5 mm / 1.08 inches (W) x 13.5 mm / 0.53 inches (H) while the weight is 58 g; The built-in battery is Li-po and its capacity is 330 mAh.

There is the possibility to choose between different types of LEDs to be installed on the torch: SST-20 6500 K cold white x2; or SST-20 4000K warm white 95 CRI x2.

Small grooves on the head allow the insertion of tritium bars to make this flashlight even more precious and even more beautiful in style. Compatible Tritium Bars are 1.5mm x 6.0mm in size.

The user interface is very simple and easy to use. There are two metal switches for the complete management of the interface: From the torch off, a click on the top switch will directly access the Moonlight mode while a further click will turn off the light. From Moonlight on mode, a triple click on the top switch will switch from Lipo battery mode to AAA battery mode. From the light off, holding the Bottom switch will instantly turn on to the High output level, when the switch will release the light if it will turn off. With flashlight off, Moonlight on or Strobe on, a double click on the Top Switch will allow you to access the last stored level while further clicks will allow you to switch between Low, Mid and High levels. With the torch off, Memorized on or Moonlight on a double click on the Bottom switch to access the Strobo directly and a further click will turn off the light. From flashlight off Triple click on the Top Switch to electronically lock the interface, and three more quick clicks to unlock it. With the flashlight on, press and hold one of the two switches to turn the flashlight off. In the latter case, the previously used level will be saved for the next switch on. Thanks to the particular interface and hybrid design, the RovyVon Angel Eyes E11 can use a non-rechargeable AAA cell to extend the runtime of the internal and non-removable Lipo cell. It is therefore possible to switch from AAA mode to Lipo mode and vice versa: the status LEDs will light up green and blue to confirm the switch from one mode to the other battery. In addition, the status LEDs will indicate the locked flashlight by flashing blue for 3 seconds, or the unlocked flashlight by flashing green for 2 seconds.

Accessories: User manual, RX10 Box (Packaging), Ti Firefly GITD Bead (Random color), RovyVon LOGO Pad, USB A-C cable, USB C-C cable, key ring (1 of each L & S size), Pocket clip, warranty card