Rovyvon Angel Eyes E3 (G2) AAA Battery EDC Flashlight

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After carefully considering customer feedback and implementing optimizations, Rovyvon proudly presents the upgraded 2nd generation of the Angel Eyes E3 flashlight - the Angel Eyes E3 (G2). Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Gen2 E3 takes lighting performance and user experience to a whole new level with a range of exciting improvements.

One of the key enhancements in the Gen2 E3 is the introduction of dual buttons, resulting in a more dedicated and user-friendly interface. The upper button takes care of daily modes and lock/unlock functions, while the lower button grants quick access to momentary on and strobe modes. This intuitive dual-button system makes it effortless to navigate through the various lighting options.

The Gen2 E3 also features a striking new surface treatment process known as Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO). This innovative technique enhances the flashlight's overall performance, providing superior corrosion resistance, enhanced durability, and increased wear resistance compared to Type III HA. The MAO process introduces a new color to RovyVon's product lineup - the elegant and high-end Marble Gray, setting the Gen2 E3 apart with its exquisite aesthetics.

Apart from its improved appearance and user interface, the Gen2 E3 addresses battery life concerns by incorporating a larger capacity built-in battery. This enhancement results in an impressive 15% increase in maximum runtime, offering up to 62 hours in the energy-efficient moonlight mode at 0.5lm.

Customer feedback from the 1st generation E3 highlighted the challenge of opening the light head latch for inserting or replacing AAA batteries. Rovyvon has listened to its customers and successfully tackled this issue in the 2nd generation. The optimized light head latch now offers a smoother and easier operation, ensuring hassle-free battery management.

The Rovyvon Angel Eyes E3 (G2) boasts an impressive construction, utilizing lightweight and durable aluminum alloy. Its micro-arc oxidation surface finish adds not only functionality but also a touch of elegance to the flashlight. With dimensions of 66.1mm (L) x 27.5mm (W) x 13.5mm (H) and a weight of 35g, the Gen2 E3 is perfectly sized for easy portability, making it an ideal companion for everyday carry or outdoor adventures.

In conclusion, the Rovyvon Angel Eyes E3 (G2) is a shining example of innovation and customer-driven improvements. With its dual-button interface, MAO surface finish, extended battery life, and optimized latch system, this flashlight redefines performance and style in the world of portable lighting solutions. Embrace the upgraded experience and make the Rovyvon Angel Eyes E3 (G2) your go-to choice for versatile and reliable illumination.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Surface finish: Micro-arc Oxidation (MAO) - Marble gray color only
Dimensions: 66.1mm (L) x 27.5mm (W) x 13.5mm (H)
Weight: 35g