RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium Keychain Flashlight

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The RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium is an elegant and luxurious keychain flashlight made entirely of titanium. This material is superior to any other metal in terms of lightness, strength and wear resistance. In fact, a titanium torch as well as being very aesthetically beautiful is also much more resistant than a torch made of aluminum, resists scratches, bad weather, atmospheric agents and even corrosion. The RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 is a hybrid flashlight. In fact, it can use to operate a double power supply that is supplied by an internal 3.7V non-extractable lithium cell or by a rechargeable or not rechargeable AAA primary cell. The user interface provides the ability to switch from one type of power supply to another according to your needs: the runtimes and output levels will vary according to the type of power supply chosen. The RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium is sold in different configurations that provide different types of main LEDs but also different types of auxiliary LEDs: it is possible to choose between main LEDs with 6500K (cool white, max output 700 lumens) or 4000K ( 95 CRI, max output 500 lumens) while the configurations for the 3 secondary LEDs are 365nm UV is Red + Warm White or 2x Warm White + 365nm. The RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium has small slots on the body that can be used to install tritium vials. The RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium is available for sale with 4x green, 4x blue tritium vials or with no tritium vials included in the package. The RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium switches are two and allow you to interact with all the interface functions. They are metallic, easily operated and identifiable in the dark or when wearing gloves. Just above the two switches there are two small status LEDs that inform the user if they are in AAA or Lipo mode.

The possible output levels are 4 and when using the integrated Li-po cell they are divided as follows: we have a very low level of 0.5 lumens, Low, which guarantees a runtime of 54 hours, then there is the Low level of 10 lumens with a runtime of 10 hours, then the Medium level of 100 lumens and a runtime of 1.5 hours and finally a high level of 700 lumens with a runtime of 3 minutes + 50 minutes. There is also the option to use a Strobe level with High output.

On the side of the flashlight body there is the type-C charging interface while in the tail there is a small key ring to allow you to attach the RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium, for example to a bunch of keys. A deep lateral groove helps in the grip when for example you have damp or wet hands or if you are wearing gloves. On the head near the TIR lens there are 4 small slots for the insertion of the tritium bars to make this flashlight even more precious and unique. The dimensions of the flashlight are 66.1mm / 2.6 "(L) * 27.5mm / 1.08" (W) * 13.5mm / 0.53 "(H) while the weight is 58g / 2.05oz. The package includes User manual, Warranty card, Pocket clip, Keyrings, USB A-C cable in addition to the flashlight.