RovyVon Angel Eyes E8 Versatile Hybrid Keychain Flashlight

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The RovyVon Angel Eyes E8 is a hybrid and versatile flashlight to attach to the keychain. Its dimensions are extremely small, the thickness is really thin and the weight is very light. It is the perfect flashlight for everyday use to always be carried with you, always ready for use. For example, it can be kept inside the pocket of a jeans, it will be like not having it, it can also be carried inside the pouch or bag, but it can also be used as a back pack torch to keep in the backpack or in the car . The E8 key fob light uses the same concept as RovyVon's hybrid battery system and the body is polycarbonate with a clear window, through which you can see the parts inside, it uses a AAA battery to extend the operating time if not you are able to charge the internal 330mAh Li-po battery via a USB-C device or a power supply. On the left side, there are 3 LEDs as secondary options in addition to the primary LEDs.

The RovyVon Angel Eyes E8 is sold in different configurations: in fact there is the version with LED Luminus SST-20, 6500K cool white and the one with Luminus SST-20 LED, 4000K warm white, 95 CRI. 6500K means a powerful and cooler light, while 4000K CRI is a much warmer light with a high color performance index. This allows you to see the colors of the objects being illuminated as we will see them in daylight. So the colors are much more natural and beautiful to look at. Also ideal as a fill light for close-up photographs of people or natural environments. In addition to this, the RovyVon Angel Eyes E8 has a series of auxiliary LEDs: even of these it is possible to choose the configuration we prefer, in fact there are four possible combinations: 365nm UV light + Warm white + Warm white, Red + Warm white + Red , Warm white + Red + Blue, 365nm UV light + Red + Warm white. The output levels for the main LEDs are 4 and divided as follows for the 6500K version: Moonlight of 0.5 both when using Lipo and AAA cells, Low of 10 lumens for Lipo cells and 5 lumens for AAA cells, Medium of 100 lumens for Lipo cells and 20 lumens for AAA cells, 700 lumens High for Lipo cells and 100 lumens for AAA cells. While for the auxiliary LEDs the outputs are divided as follows. For the white auxiliary LED we have Low from 0.3 lumens and High from 60 lumens, while for the red LED Low from 5 lumens and High from 30 lumens, then there are Flash and Beacon modes. For the Red / Blue LEDs a single Flash mode and then in a single level for the UV LED. the 4500K version has slightly different levels: for example the Turbo is 500 lumens using Lipo cells and 70 lumens using AAA cells, while the High level is 70 lumens with Lipo cells and 15 lumens with AAA cells. The maximum light intensity is 1300 candles for the cold light version with 6500K color temperature and 900 cd for the 4500K High CRI version. Water resistance is given according to the IPX6 standard, therefore resistant to splashes, rain and dust, while resistance to falls is guaranteed up to 1.5 meters in height.

💡 LED: Luminus SST-20  / Side Auxiliary LEDs: Warm white x2 + 365nm UV
🌈 Color Temperature: 6500K
🔥 Max Output: 700 lumens
📍 Beam Distance : 70 meters
🎯 Intensity: 1300 candela
⏲️ Max Runtime: 62 hours (Li-po)
🖥️ UI: 4 Primary Outputs + Strobe / Aux White (high and low) + UV
🔘 Switch: Dual Side Switch
🔦 Body Material: Polycarbonate (body) 7075 AL (head)
💧 Water Resistance: IPX6
⚖️ Weight : 41g (no Battery)
📏 Dimensions: 66.1mm(L) x 27.5mm(W) x 13.5mm(H)
⚡ Charging: USB-C
🔋 Battery: 330mAh Built in Li-po + AAA (not included)
OPTION 1: 6500K Cool white x2 (Luminus SST-20)
Primary LEDs Moonlight Low Medium High Strobe
Output (Li-po) 0.5lm 10lm 100lm 700lm /
Output (AAA1) 0.5lm 5lm 20lm 100lm 1
Runtime (Li-po) 62hrs 14hrs 2hrs 3Mins2+1hr 1
Intensity (Li-po) / / 300cd 1300cd /
Beam Distance (Li-po) / / 10m 70m /
Side LEDs White Red Red/Blue UV
Low High Low High Flash Beacon Flash UV
Output (Li-po) 0.3lm 60lm 5lm 30lm / / 1 1
Runtime (Li-po) 62hrs 2hrs 12hrs 2.5hrs / / 1 4hrs
Impact resistance 1.5m
Water resistant IPX6