RovyVon Aurora A24 Titanium 1000 Lumens EDC Flashlight

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The RovyVon Aurora A24 Titanium is the natural evolution of the previous first generation Aurora A24 version announced a few years ago. The A24 Titanium follows the lines of the previous version but expands its potential and improves its characteristics. The dimensions of the Aurora A24 Titanium are similar to the previous version and are also slightly smaller, the battery capacity has been increased to allow for a range and power levels that could last longer. The dimensions are 76mm (length) x 21.5mm (diameter) which means that the flashlight fits comfortably in the palm of a hand, while the weight is 61.4g/2.16oz. The capacity of the cell is extended by 41.6% compared to the first generation version reaching a capacity of 850 mAh: this allows, for example, to have a Turbo mode with an autonomy of 100 minutes (with step down). Now the new Aurora A24 Titanium has been equipped with a Type-C charging interface which enables fast charging of the internal cell. The charging port is located at the rear and is well protected by a small rubber cap that prevents water and dirt from getting inside. The management of the interface is entrusted to two small metal switches placed laterally on the body of the torch. They are surrounded by two metal bezel rings and are slightly recessed into a groove on the body. These two switches are very responsive, easy to spot even in total darkness or if you're wearing gloves. Between the two switches there is a small colored (RGB) status LED: it lights up green when the battery is fully charged, it lights up blue during the charging phase and it lights up red to indicate that the battery is empty. The double ignition makes this torch ideal for everyday use: it is in fact possible to use the light both in constant mode but it is also possible to have direct access to Turbo and Strobe. Thanks to the double switch design it is also very easy to electronically lock the interface, there will be no conflict with the momentary on (instant Turbo). The RovyVon Aurora A24 Titanium is available for sale in two different configurations: there is the model equipped with high power Cree XP-L LEDs and the model equipped with Nicha 219C LEDs with high color rendering index (High CRI). The interface is very simple and easy to remember thanks to the two electronic switches with which the A24 Titanium is equipped: With the light off, a click on the TOP switch will switch the light on directly on the Moonlight plane and a further click will switch it off. With the light off, press and hold the upper switch for 5 seconds to lock the interface, press the lower switch for 3 seconds to unlock the interface. With the flashlight off, press and hold the bottom switch to turn the light on in momentary mode, then release the switch to turn the light off. Double click the top switch to turn on the light at the memorized level and click further to switch to a different output level by scrolling through Low, Medium, High, Turbo. double-click the switch below to enter the Strobe directly. With the light on, however, long press one of the two switches to turn off the light. If, on the other hand, the flashlight has been on for more than three minutes, a simple click is enough to turn it off.

Optic: TIR lens
LED: 6500K cool white high output or 5000K neutral white high CRI
Battery capacity: 850mAh (charged via USB-C port)
Size: 76mm (Length) x 21.5mm (Diameter); Weight: 61.4g/2.16oz
Accessories: User manual, warranty card, Magnetic Pocket clip, USB C-A cable, Charging port cover, Keyring, O-ring