RovyVon Aurora A4 Pro Ti Keychain Flashlight

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The Rovyvon Aurora A4 Pro Ti is a very small and powerful EDC flashlight made with precious titanium which makes it light but above all extremely resistant to abrasion, corrosion and impact. The Aurora A4 Pro Ti can be purchased in two different configurations: equipped with SST-20 6500K LEDs or with Nichia 219C warm LEDs with high color efficiency index. The Aurora A4 Pro Ti is made entirely of titanium: in this way it will be practically indestructible over time. In fact, titanium, in addition to resisting scratches and falls, is also resistant to wear, corrosion and bad weather. The dimensions of Aurora A4 Pro Ti are 60.5mm/2.38" (Length) x 15.6mm/0.61" (Diameter) while the weight is 24g / 1.2oz.

The Aurora A4 Pro Ti is equipped with a small metal pocket clip that allows you to attach the flashlight to any garment, in fact the grip is exceptional. In addition to this, the clip has a thin but very attractive metal part that allows you to clip the flashlight to any metal surface and thus use it without hands. In addition, the flashlight has an additional additional magnet to be installed on the tail. For example, it allows you to connect the torch to metal surfaces with the torch head pointing downwards, for example to shed light on the engine compartment of a car by hooking the torch to the bonnet.

In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes the user manual, the USB A-C warranty card (only in the Bundle version), the charging port cover, the magnetic clip, the magnetic tail base and the key rings.

The user interface is simple and complete: with the flashlight off, a single click will not activate any function while a long click allows the boob to light up when it is turned on. Releasing the switch will turn off the light.

With the torch off or in Strobe mode, double click to access the last memorized level and another click to switch to the different brightness levels in the order Moon - Low - Med - High. From torch off or memorized mode on, triple click to access the Strobe level, another click to turn off the light. From flashlight off 5 clicks to enter lockout mode while another 5 clicks to unlock the flashlight. On the other hand, if the switch is held down for 0.5 seconds when the light is on, the light will go out.

The Aurora A4 Pro Ti has memory mode which allows you to save the last used output level: it keeps the saved level within 3 minutes after the light is turned off, after which the light will turn on at the pre-set level when the light is off next on . When the flashlight is put into charge, the light will automatically lock electronically and will be unlocked when the light is taken out of charging mode. When the light is blocked and any operation is attempted to be entered, two flashes of the light will indicate to the user whose light is electronically blocked.


1. Lockout/Unlock: When the light is off, rapid click the button 5 times; the primary light will blink 2 times (low mode brightness) when it's locked and blinks 3 times when it's unlocked.
*Plugin to charge will unlock the light automatically.
2. Momentary on: when it's unlocked and off, press and hold the button for quick access to the High mode, and release it to turn off.
3. Turn on the memorized mode constantly: rapid double-click, then click to change modes moonlight-low-med-high, press the button for 0.5s to turn off. 
4. Strobe: rapid triple click, then click to turn it on.

*A mode will be memorized when it's working for over 3 minutes before turning off.