RovyVon Aurora A6 USB-C Versatile Keychain Flashlight

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The RovyVon Aurora A6 is a small keychain flashlight ideal to be carried with you everywhere. It has a head made of 7075 aluminum for better performance in terms of wear and scratch resistance and the body is also made entirely of extremely durable and long-lasting polymeric material. The body of the RovyVon Aurora A6 is semi-transparent: this allows the light of the auxiliary LEDs contained within it to pass through the body of the flashlight through which it is also possible to see part of the circuitry. Really interesting design. The optical part consists of a glass lens and a small orange peel parabola inside which the LED is well centered. The maximum output of the Aurora A6 is 600 lumens when equipped with the XP-G3 LED.

The RovyVonn Aurora A6 is available for purchase in two different auxiliary LED configurations: in fact, we have the possibility to choose between the 365 nm UV + red + warm white or Warm white x2 + 365 nm UV configuration. The presence of these auxiliary LEDs make this keychain flashlight perfect for everyday use. Impact resistance is given up to 1 meter in height while water resistance follows the IPX-6 standard. The flashlight is also equipped with a Type-C charging interface that allows it to charge the internal cell in no time. It is located on the side and is well protected by a small g.i.t.d. The switch is on the side and is rubberized plastic, well made and easy to activate. It too, just like the tapino of the charging port, shines in the dark when the light is turned off, it is glow in the dark. The Aurora A6 interface is complete and full of functions: From the flashlight off, a single click on the switch will not involve any operation while a press and hold the switch will allow you to turn on the flashlight on momentary on mode, then releasing the switch the light will turn on. will turn off. With flashlight off / Side lights on, double click will allow the flashlight to light up on the last stored level. From here, a further click will pass the light on the available output levels in the order: Moon, Low, Med, High. From the flashlight off, 5 clicks on the switch will make the flashlight enter lockout mode, while another 5 clicks will allow it to be unlocked. Holding the switch for 0.5 seconds when the light is on instead will cause the light to turn off.

From flashlight off, front light on or side White LED on, three clicks will allow you to switch to UV mode, while a further click allows you to switch between UV - Red - Red Beacon - Red flash (for the UV + Red + White version) or to switch between Low - High - Flash levels (in the UV + 2x White version). From flashlight off, front light on or UV on, four clicks to access the side white low level and further clicks to scroll the levels from Low to High for the version (UV + Red + White). From flashlight off / Front light on or White On, four clicks to switch to side UV mode, and a further click to switch off the light (in the UV + 2x White version). Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn off the light.