RovyVon Aurora A9 Copper LED Keychain Flashlight

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The RovyVon Aurora A9 is a small keychain flashlight for everyday use with an attractive design and a body made entirely of copper, the Aurora A9. The copper version of the Aurora A9 weighs only 39.8 g and has a double capacity battery compared to the original Aurora, a 260 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

copper over time and in contact with air oxidizes and will develop a splendid patina with aging. This patina is particularly appreciated by lovers of copper in general and of torches made of copper because they make the object unique. In fact, each flashlight will have a slightly different color and will be unique in style.

 Thanks to the constant current circuit design, it is not only about improving the PWM, but also extending the run time. body processing is done by CNC. The Aurora A9 can be optionally equipped with different emitters: CREE XP-G3 LEDs, max 650 lumens and Nichia 219C, max 450 lumens, 90+ CRI. On the body of the flashlight there is the micro USB charging interface that allows you to complete the charge of the cell in 70 minutes. The Aurora A9 is supplied with a reversible pocket clip: so the flashlight can be positioned either with the head up or down. The dimensions are as follows: Length: 57.3mm / 2.26in, Diameter: 15.6mm / 0.61in while the weight is 39.8g / 1.37oz. The battery, as previously mentioned, is an integrated non-removable rechargeable 260mAH lithium-ion cell that allows the torch to remain on for over 30 hours. The management of the interface is very simple. There is the momentary mode: press and hold the button to turn on the flashlight and release it to turn off the light. Constant on: double click (by default the flashlight will turn on at the ultra low output level) To change the brightness level, just a simple click with the flashlight on to switch from Ultra Low to Low, Medium, High Level. To turn off the flashlight just press the switch for 0.3 seconds. To access the STrobo from the off flashlight, just triple click on the switch and single click to exit the flashing mode. On the other hand, when the flashlight has the light on triple click to access the strobe and also in this case single click to exit.

The user interface is really smart in fact it has some essential functions for daily use such as direct access to the Low mode and direct access to the Strobo, in addition to all the other functions it is equipped with. The RovyVon Aurora A9 is a useful and convenient flashlight to carry for example inside a bunch of keys, its dimensions are very compact and the weight is also very light. Being in copper it is also very beautiful to see and to show and over time it will take on a color due to the natural oxidation of the copper that will be unique for each specimen.

Material: Copper
Length: 57.3mm/2.26”
Diameter: 15.6mm/0.61”
Weight: 39.8g/1.37oz
Battery: 260mAh Li-po rechargeable
Max runtime: 30 Hours (Ultra-low mode)
Charging: Micro USB
Charging time: Approx 70 minutes

1*User Manual, 1*SS Keyring, 1*USB Cable, 1*Pocket Clip, 1*Warranty CardOperation

Momentary On: Press and hold the button, release to turn off
Daily use
Turn on: Double Click (default from Ultra-low mode)
Switch modes: Click to cycle through Ultra low-Low-Med-High
Turn Off:
1) Long-press 0.3s;
2) Working at any mode over 3 minutes, click to turn off
*Mode memory: When the light works at a mode over 3 minutes, it will go back to the mode you used last time after turn off.
**Step down: When the light is working at High mode or Medium mode, it will step down to 100 lumens in 90 seconds due to the massive heat generated.
1) From off, triple-click to access the strobe mode, click to turn off
2) From any mode of Daily use, triple-click to access the strobe mode, click to turn off