RovyVon Search S23 4000 Lumens Outdoor Flashlight

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The RovyVon Search S23 is a powerful and compact flashlight ideal as an EDC to always carry with you but also useful in emergency situations or in tactical environments or to be used in search and rescue operations. The body of this torch is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a hard anodizing finish, which guarantees maximum resistance to abrasion, impact, bad weather and oxidation. The weight of the torch, including battery and clip, is only 188 grams , therefore it is a pocket size, while the length is about 140 mm with a diameter of 30 mm.VW, this torch, equipped with four very high performance 6500 K cold white LEDs that provide a maximum power of 4000 lumens when the torch it is used on the turbo output level. On the bezel there are four ceramic spheres that can be used as a glass breaker in an emergency. Interface management is ensured by two different switches. In fact, we have a switch placed on the head that allows you to turn the flashlight on or off and a newly designed rotary switch that allows you to vary the brightness levels. There are two modes of use, Emergency mode and Daily mode. The RovyVon Search S23 is powered by a standard 21700 battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. The battery is included in the package and allows you to keep the flashlight on for 65 hours in eco mode. The flashlight is also equipped with a Type-C fast charging interface that allows you to charge the battery in just 150 minutes. Above the side switch there are four status LEDs that allow you to know the battery charge status. When only one red LED lights up it means that the charge quantity is less than 5%, if instead only one LED lights up blue means that the charge is between 5% and 19%, and two LEDs light up, however, it means that the cell capacity is between 20% and 39% if three LEDs light up it means that the capacity of the cell is between 40% and 59%, while if four LEDs light up it means that the capacity of the cell is between 60% and 100%. To check the residual capacity of the cell, just click the side switch with the torch off or rotate the status switch. The tail of this flashlight is magnetic, so you can stick the light to any metal surface and thus allows you to use the flashlight hands-free for more efficient work. The body of the torch is made entirely of anodized aluminum and is therefore resistant to impact and wear. On the whole body there are horizontal millings that improve the grip, while on the tail cap there are knurling processes. On the head of the thick dissipation fins help in the dissipation of the heat produced when using the torch on high levels. The stainless steel belt clip allows you to attach the flashlight to pockets and clothing. The RovyVon Search S23 is available in two colors: black and gunmetal.