Magicshine SEEMEE DV Camera Taillight

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The SEEMEE DV Camera is not just any ordinary bike accessory; it's a powerful combination of a high-definition camera and a taillight designed to enhance your cycling experience. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just enjoy leisurely rides, the SEEMEE DV Camera is here to capture your adventures and keep you safe.

One of the standout features of the SEEMEE DV Camera is its impressive high-definition camera. With a 1080P resolution at 30 frames per second (fps), this camera ensures that every detail of your ride is captured with stunning clarity. The ultra-wide 146° angle lens provides a panoramic view, so you never miss a beat on the road.

The SEEMEE DV Camera seamlessly connects to a smart app, making it incredibly user-friendly. Through the app, you can access your footage, share videos, and customize camera settings like sensor sensitivity. The app allows you to connect your SEEMEE DV Camera to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, providing easy access to all your recorded content and camera controls.

One common concern among cyclists is running out of space on their SD card for video recordings. With the SEEMEE DV Camera's smart video looping feature, you can put those worries to rest. This feature ensures that your camera is always recording, overwriting older footage as needed to capture more of your ride. Additionally, the camera has the ability to automatically lock video files in the event of an accident, helping you identify responsibility when it matters most. You can adjust the sensor's sensitivity via the app to prevent unexpected triggering.

The SEEMEE DV Camera features two convenient operational switches on the top. One switch controls the tail light, while the other manages camera recording. This dual switch setup ensures that you can easily toggle between functions without any hassle.

Knowing your remaining battery level is crucial during your ride. The SEEMEE DV Camera simplifies this with an easy-to-read battery indicator. When the light is off, simply click the power button for 3 seconds to display the remaining battery level. Different colors indicate different power levels: green for 21%-100%, red for 11%-20%, and flashing red for 1%-10%. When the battery drops below 10%, the lighting mode switches to ECO FLASH to conserve power, temporarily disabling the DV function.

Designed for durability and functionality, the SEEMEE DV Camera boasts an aluminum housing with plastic components. This construction ensures a lightweight yet robust body that can withstand the rigors of cycling.

Cycling often means encountering various weather conditions. That's why the SEEMEE DV Camera is built to withstand the elements with an IPX6 waterproof rating. No matter the weather, your camera will keep recording and lighting the way.

The SEEMEE DV Camera is a must-have for cyclists who want to document their rides in high definition while ensuring safety on the road. With its impressive camera capabilities, seamless app connectivity, continuous recording, and user-friendly design, it's a versatile companion for cyclists of all levels. Stay safe, capture your adventures, and enjoy your rides to the fullest with the SEEMEE DV Camera.

✔ HD Camera: 1080P / 30fps
✔ Smart APP: Support
✔ Battery: 3400mAh
✔ Max Runtime: 110 hours
✔ Waterproof: IPX6
✔ Housing: Aluminum

LUMENS 10LM 30LM 30-0LM 10-0LM
DV ON RUNTIME 10h 8.5h 9h 10h
DV OFF RUNTIME 35h 12h 70h 110h

Package Include
16GB microSD card *1
Seat post mount *1
USB-C charging cable *1
User manual *1
Specifications Parameter
Max Output 30 lumens
Light Source Taillight: ZJJM0201HR LEDs
DV indicator light: 1515 RGB
HD Camera 1080P / 30fps (Record video only. No audio.)
Lens Angle 146°
Max Runtime 110 hours
Waterproof Rate IPX6
Charger USB-C
Charging Time 4.5 hours (5V, 1A)
Battery Source 3.6V 3400mAh
Weight 3.53 oz / 100g
Dimensions 3.78 in * 1.26 in * 1.26 in
(96 mm * 32 mm * 32 mm)
Material Aluminum + Plastic
Mounting System Quick release mount