Skilhun EC300 2600 lumens Multi-color Rechargeable LED flashlight

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The Skilhunt EC300 is a flashlight designed for everyday use, for tactical, law enforcement or even camping use. Uses Luminus SST-20 x 4 + RGB LEDs. This torch is extremely performing and is able to reach the following output levels for the different light sources it is equipped with: White LED 2600 Lumens, ANSI 2300 Lumens (CW), ANSI 1500 Lumens (High CRI); Red LED: 10 Lumens / wavelength 620-625 nm , Green LED: 28 Lumens / wavelength 525-530 nm, Blue LED : 7.5 Lumens / wavelength 455-460 nm. The Skilhunt EC300 uses a single 21700 Li-ion rechargeable cell capable of guaranteeing a maximum runtime of 30 days (Rated range: 2.8-4.2V,(Recommended 21700 battery that max discharge current ≥8A).

This flashlight features a type-c charging interface to charge the cell inside without having to take it out. The Skilhunt EC300 user interface is comprehensive and feature rich. The output levels are many and useful for various circumstances.

The body of the torch is entirely made of aluminum and is resistant to shocks, scratches and bad weather. The central part of the body and the tailcap have millings and a knurled finish which increases grip and improves grip in any condition, even when the hands are damp or wet or when using particularly thick gloves.

The water resistance is given by the ipx-8 standard therefore 2m submersible while the impact resistance is given up to 1m in height. There is also a power indicator on the switch: every time you turn on the indicator will light up for 5 seconds to display the battery power: constant blue power > 80%, blue flashing power 80%-50%, charging power constant 50% - 20%, flashes red power <20%. Side switch also works as a location indicator: Easy to find the light in the dark: Double click the switch to turn on/off the side switch indicator. The user interface also includes the lock function, which can be activated with 4 clicks when the light is off. From off double-click to enter Turbo modes and from here hold the switch to toggle between T1 and T2. From Turbo mode triple click to switch to strobe mode or double click the M2-M1-H layer group. When the light is off, you can directly access the strobe with 3 clicks or Low mode by holding down the switch. When the light is on, double click to switch from H/M1/M2 levels to Turbo T1/T2 or vice versa. Triple click to switch to Strobe flashing mode and triple click again to go back to the previous output level.

The user interface also includes the lockout function to electronically lock the interface and thus avoid accidental switching on when, for example, the flashlight is carried inside a backpack. There is also the low voltage indicator which informs the user when the cell has almost exhausted its capacity.

LED: Luminus SST-20 x 4  + RGB LEDs
Max output:
White : LED  2600 Lumens,  ANSI 2300 Lumens (CW) , ANSI 1500 Lumens (High CRI)
Red: 10 Lumens / wavelength 620-625 nm ,  
Green: 28 Lumens / wavelength 525-530 nm, 
Blue: 7.5 Lumens / wavelength 455-460 nm
Max runtime: 30 days
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×21700
Rated range: 2.8-4.2V,(Recommended 21700 battery that max discharge current ≥8A)
Dimension: L115mm/4.53″, Head diameter 29.5mm/1.16″,Body diameter 25.4mm/1″.
Weight: 71.2 g / 2.50 oz (Excluded battery)
Accessories: USB Charging Cable, Clip, Lanyard, Spare O-rings.