Skilhunt H04 H04R H04F RC Mini USB Rechargeable 1000 Lumen Headlamp

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The Skilhunt H04 H04R H04F RC Mini is a small torch with an L-shaped design, ideal as an all-round edc torch but also as a normal headlamp for sports, outdoors and all those outdoor activities. The main difference between the three different versions is essentially the type of reflector that the flashlight has: in fact, the H04 RC Mini version is equipped with a TIR lens that produces a wide and diffused beam, the H04R RC Mini is equipped instead with a reflector that gives the beam greater throw and greater distance, while the H04F version is a H04R with the addition of a diffuser filter, so the user can choose at will between a shooting beam and a flood beam without having to change the type of light. The Skilhunt H04 H04R H04F RC Mini is on the market with different LED configurations, in fact it is possible to buy it in the Cool White / Neutral White / High CRI configuration. The maximum output is ANSI 1000 Lumens for the CW version or ANSI 790 Lumens for the Hi CRI version. The maximum distance that can be reached is 123 meters for the H04R/H04F RC Mini models or 113 meters for the H04 RC Mini model. The maximum light intensity is 800 cd for the H04R/H04F RC Mini models or 3200 cd for the H04 RC Mini model. The water resistance is given according to the IPX-8 standard while the impact resistance is 1 meter. The dimensions are Length 70.9mm / 2.79 inch, Head diameter 23.5mm / 0.93 inch, Body diameter 23.5mm / 0.93 inch while the weight is 45g / 1.59oz (without battery). In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a Headband, clip, lanyard, magnet replace rubber pad, Operator's manual, Warranty card, Spare O-ring.

The user interface is complete and full of features and output levels. The interface management switch is located on the head and allows access to all the functions of the light. Below the switch is an LED status indicator that informs the user of the progress of the search and the remaining battery capacity. To charge the 18350 cell it is possible to use the magnetic charging interface that the flashlight has using the special custom cable supplied.

The head features thick, deep heat dissipation fins that help dissipate the heat produced by the light when using it at high output levels. the extremely small dimensions and the very light weight make this light a perfect EDC to always have with you at hand and comfortable to carry in your pocket or inside your pouch. The flashlight is also very comfortable when used as a front torch: given its lightness, it can also be used for jogging.

LED Option: Cool White / Neutral White / High CRI
Max output:
ANSI 1000 Lumens (CW)
ANSI 790 Lumens  (Hi CRI)
Max runtime: Few months
Max beam distance: 123 meters (H04R/H04F RC Mini) / 113 meters (H04 RC Mini)
Max peak beam intensity: 3800cd (H04R/H04F RC Mini) / 3200cd (H04 RC Mini)
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×18350
Rated Range: 2.7V ~ 8.4V