SKilhunt H300/H300R 2500 Lumens USB Rechargeable L-shpe Headlamp

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The Skilhunt H300/H300R is an angular designed flashlight that is ideal as an EDC flashlight or as a head torch. It is available for purchase with different LED equipment, in fact it is possible to choose from the following light sources: CREE XHP50.2 Cool White K4 6500K / Neutral White K2 5000K / High CRI J2 5000K. The difference between the H300 and H300R versions lies in the lens they possess: in fact, the H300 has a diffusion lens while the H300R version where the "R" stands for reflector has a lens with a reflector that allows you to get further. The maximum output is for the CW version ANSI 2200 Lumens / 2500 LED Lumens while for the High CRI version: 1750 ANSI Lumens / 2000 LED Lumens. The maximum distance that can be reached is for the CW version: 148 meters (H300R) / 141 meters (H300) while for the High CRI version: 133 meters (H300R) / 126 meters (H300). The maximum luminous intensity for the CW version is 5500 cd (H300R) / 5000 cd (H300) while for the High CRI version: 4400cd (H300R) / 4000cd (H300). Water resistance is given by the IPX-8 standard while resistance to falls is given up to 1 meter in height. The dimensions are: Length 104.7mm / 4.12 inch, Head diameter 25.2mm / 0.99 inch, Body diameter 21.6mm / 0.85 inch while the weight is 54g / 1.90 oz (without battery). The package is rich and includes, in addition to the H300/H300R light, also a Headband, clip, lanyard, magnet replace rubber pad, Operator's manual, Spare O-ring. The Skilhunt H300/H300R is also equipped with a status indicator light that provides information on the progress of charging and the remaining capacity of the cell: Blue light constant on means capacity 100%~80% , Blue light blinks: 80%~50 % , Red light constant on: 50%~20% , Red light blinks: 20%~0. The body is entirely made of aeronautical aluminum with hard anodizing treatment. The magnetic tailcap allows you to attach the flashlight to all metal surfaces even upside down. The user interface features a multitude of levels, direct access to the low level, special flashing modes, memory mode and an electronic lockout function that prevents accidental switching on while carrying the light, for example inside a backpack. In addition to this the light has reverse polarity protection if a careless user inserts a battery inside the light in the wrong direction, temperature control which automatically decreases the output when the light temperature grows too much preserving the life of the circuits, battery and LED.

The interface management switch is located on the head of the torch: it is rubberized protruding and offers excellent tactile feedback. The proprietary magnetic charging interface is also present on the head. To charge the internal battery, just use the custom cable supplied, bring it close to the head and the magnet will automatically place it in the correct position. The SKilhunt H300/H300R is available for sale in two different colours: classic black and grey.

LED: CREE XHP50.2 Cool White K4 6500K / Neutral White K2 5000K / High CRI J2 5000K
Max output:
CW : ANSI 2200 Lumens / 2500 LED Lumens
High CRI: 1750 ANSI Lumens / 2000 LED Lumens

Max beam distance:
CW : 148 meters (H300R) / 141 meters (H300)
High CRI: 133 meters (H300R) / 126 meters (H300)

Max peak beam intensity:
CW: 5500cd (H300R) / 5000cd (H300)
High CRI: 4400cd (H300R) / 4000cd (H300)

Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×18650 , 2x CR123A
Rated Range: 2.7V ~ 8.4V