Sofirn BLF LT1 Anduril 2.0 Lantern

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The Sofirn BLF LT1 Mini Anduril 2 is a powerful lantern camping torch with really interesting features. It is equipped with 4 x Samsung LH351D (2 x 5000 K 90 CRI + 2 x 2700 K 90 CRI) which allows for a beam of light with variable tint as desired by the user. It is in fact possible to go from a completely warm light beam of 2700 K to a neutral light of 5000 K. This flashlight is powered by one 5000 mAh 21700 battery that allows the flashlight to operate for over 31 days on Moon Mode.. The maximum achievable output is 310 lumens. This lantern is also equipped with a type-c charging interface which allows you to charge the batteries inside the flashlight without having to take them out. It accepts 5 Volt 2 Ampere as charging input. Furthermore, there is the possibility of using the flashlight as if it were a Power Bank to power any type of electronic device such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. The lantern is water resistant according to the IPX7 standard therefore submersible up to 1m depth while not being an underwater torch. The maximum runtime on the lowest output tier is 1 month.
In the upper part of the light there is a metal ring which acts as a carrying handle and allows the lantern to be attached to anything as if it were a small chandelier.
The switch is lateral, electronic, protruding and recessed in a small milling of the body, therefore it is easily accessible and identifiable even in total darkness. A small status LED placed inside provides information on the state of charge of the cells and on the recharging process.
The package includes in addition to the LT flashlight! lantern, a 5000 mAh 21700 batteriy, type-c charging cable, spare o-ring and user manual. All the highlighted features make this torch ideal for camping. Its beam allows you to illuminate surfaces at 360°. It is possible to vary the tint of the light and take advantage of warm tints, for example when you want a better color rendering and cold tints instead when you need all the light power of the torch. Furthermore, the power bank function is essential when you are in areas where there is no electricity: for example in the woods you can use the LT1 Mini to power your smartphone, radio and any other USB-compatible electronic device .The Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) automatically step down and step up the brightness when the body when the body exceeds the threshold temperature. Once temperature decreases, brightness will be increased again according to the selected mode.
The low voltage warning, on the other hand, detects when the battery voltage is too low: the indicator located under the switch will start flashing rapidly to remind the user that it's time to charge the battery.

Max Output: 310 Lumens
Max Beam Distance: 12m
Max Beam Intensity: 38 cd
Max Runtime: 31 days (Moon)
LED: Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI*2, Samsung LH351D 2700K 90CRI*2
Battery: 1*21700 (make sure you buy the set with battery)
Weight: 110±5g / 3.9±0.18 oz (without battery)
Dimensions: 153 mm x 45 mm(6’’x1.78’’)
Operating voltage: 3.0V – 4.2V
Flashlight body: Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Powerbank: Yes
Button LED Indicator: Yes
UI: Anduril 2.0
Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (Moon/Low/Med/High/Turbo)

Power Indicator

-Blue Indicator:

  1. While charging, the blue indicator blinks. When the flashlight is fully charged, the blue LED indicator will remain on to indicate full charge.
  2. While discharging (powerbank function), blue indicator turns on if the batteries have sufficient power. When the remaining battery charge is 10% or lower (requires charging), the indicator blinks. It will automatically stop the powerbank function.
  3. Charging unplugged or sudden changes in battery voltage (turn on Turbo suddenly) will activate battery check. Blue indicator steady on means sufficient battery power. Blue indicator blinking means critical battery power. The indicator turns off automatically in 30 seconds.

-Orange Indicator:

  1. While standby, the orange indicator is always on. You can change the indicator mode: Off-Low-High-Blinking (10H to Advanced UI, from off, 7 clicks to change indicator standby modes).

2.While On, the orange indicator is always on.

Orange and blue indicators work independently so they can be both on at the same time.