Sofirn Q8 Plus Powerful 16000lm Rechargeable Flashlight

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The Sofirn Q8 Plus is a compact and powerful flashlight with dimensions comparable to those of a simple can of coca cola. It is equipped with an array of XHP50 LEDs and the popular Anduril 2.0 driver which provides a complete and feature-rich user interface. The torch can be purchased in the 6500K cold light version and in the 5000K neutral version, with or without batteries.

Sofirn Q8 Plus is equipped with 6 latest generation XHP50B LEDs which at Turbo manage to reach the incredible output of 16000 lumens with a maximum distance reached of 554 meters. The beam is wide and allows you to illuminate a large area, ideal for outdoor use.

The torch is equipped with the type-c charging interface which allows you to charge the batteries inside without having to extract them very quickly. The flashlight is powered by three 21,700 cells placed in parallel which allow the flashlight to stay on for up to 40 days when turned on at the lowest 5 lumens output level or 27 hours when turned on at the 200 lumens output level.The dimensions of the torch are 133 mm long, 63 mm the diameter of the head and 54 mm the diameter of the tube while the weight of 492 grams without considering the battery. Interface management is guaranteed by the single side switch on the flashlight which allows you to turn the flashlight on and off and vary all brightness levels. The beam angle allows it to illuminate up to 120° therefore it is a flood type beam. The torch is entirely made of type II anodized aluminum alloy which guarantees excellent resistance to scratches and wear. The flashlight is waterproof according to the IP68 standard therefore it is submersible up to 2m deep in water while the impact resistance is given up to 1.5m high. Under the switch there is a status LED which informs the user of the remaining capacity of the cell and the progress of the recharge. The output levels are divided as follows: Moonlight of 5 lumens with a runtime of 40 days, maximum reachable distance of 8 m with 16 candles, Low of 200 lumens with a runtime of 27.75 hours, 52 m of maximum reachable distance and 683 candles, Medium of 1800 lumens with a runtime of 10.27 hours with a maximum reachable distance of 155 m and 5975 candles, High of 7000 lumens with a run time of 4.5 hours, maximum reachable distance of 355 meters and 31591 candles, Turbo from 16,000 lumens 2.5 hours of autonomy 554 m of reachable master distance and 76,666 candles of maximum light intensity. The central part of the body has horizontal and vertical millings that allow it to increase the grip and guarantee an always excellent grip even when your hands are damp or wet. Near the head there are also dissipation fins that allow the heat produced when the torch is used on high output levels to be dissipated.