Soshine 1.5V 3300mWh AA Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

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1. Capacity: 3300 mWh
2. High voltage: 1.5V
3. Rechargeable type: AA, li-ion rechargeable battery.
5. Environmentally friendly materials
6. Up to 1000 charging cycles
7. Excellent high emission/drainage performance
8. Accurate replacement of standard AA sized batteries
9. Excellent performance under low temperature conditions
10. Longer in high emission devices.
11. It is suitable for portable tape and TV remote control, clocks and radios, electronic games, smoke alarms, cordless telephone, electric toys, etc.


The 3300mWh AA battery is a rechargeable battery,
2. Rechargeable batteries have the characteristics of long service life and high efficiency,
Very suitable for use.
3. It is compact and rechargeable, so you can carry it anytime, anywhere,
Easy to use
4. AA batteries are commonly used in toys, portable tapes, and TV remote controls,
Clock and radio, electronic games, smoke alarm, PDA, flashlight, DVD, MP3,
And digital cameras, cordless telephone, electric toys, etc.



(1) The batteries should be stored at room temperature,charged to about 30% to 50% of capacity.
(2) During long term storage,in order to ensure the battery to maintain the capacity level,we suggest Li-ion batteries should be charged and discharged once every 6 months.

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