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Introducing the Sunrei Bebe-Li Kid's Headlamp, a delightful and practical accessory designed to enhance your child's outdoor adventures. Whether it's a camping trip, a nighttime exploration, or even building a tent in the bedroom for some imaginative play, this kid-friendly headlamp is the perfect companion. With a focus on safety, functionality, and a touch of whimsy, the Bebe-Li ensures that your child can explore the world around them even after the sun has set.

The Bebe-Li headlamp, specially crafted for kids, features a playful design with a choice of colorful straps—pink or blue—to match your child's preferences. The headlamp's body is made from durable ABS engineering plastic, ensuring sturdiness and resilience for the playful activities your child might embark on. The control button is made from soft carpet material, creating a comfortable touch for little hands.

Equipped with a reliable 30 lumens of light intensity, the Bebe-Li provides just the right amount of brightness for your child's nighttime escapades. The headlamp offers two light modes: a focused beam for clear visibility and an SOS mode for added safety in unexpected situations. The 6000K light color provides a natural and soothing illumination, making it suitable for various activities.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Bebe-Li is IPX5 water-resistant, offering protection against splashes and ensuring functionality even in light rain. This feature adds versatility, allowing your child to explore nature without worrying about the occasional drizzle.

Charging the Bebe-Li is a breeze, taking only 1.5 hours to reach a full charge. The headlamp comes with a convenient charging port, and with an input of 5V 1A, it can be easily charged with commonly available power sources. The quick charging time ensures that your child's adventures are not interrupted by lengthy charging periods.

One of the standout features of the Bebe-Li is its motion sensors, adding an interactive element to the headlamp. These sensors enhance the user experience, allowing your child to control the headlamp with simple gestures. This feature not only adds an element of fun but also promotes a sense of autonomy for the young explorer.

In terms of dimensions, the Bebe-Li is compact and lightweight, measuring 5.8 x 3 x 2.5cm. The thoughtful design makes it easy for children to wear comfortably, ensuring it won't weigh them down during their nighttime escapades. The depth of the product, including the strap, is 12 x 5 x 10cm, offering a balanced size suitable for children.

With safety being a top priority, the Bebe-Li headlamp is crafted to be kid-friendly and easy to use. The IPX5 water-resistant rating ensures durability, and the soft carpet button adds a layer of comfort for young hands. The playful design, coupled with the interactive motion sensors, transforms the Bebe-Li from a practical tool into a source of joy and exploration for your child. Whether reading storybooks in a tent or embarking on a backyard adventure, the Sunrei Bebe-Li Kid's Headlamp is the ideal companion for fostering a love of the outdoors in the next generation.

Model name : Bebe (Kids)
Light intensity : 30 lm
Light Mode: Focus, SOS
* Strap Pink
*Blue Strap
Light Colour: White
*ABS Engineering Plastic (Headlamp)
*Carpet (Button)
*IPX5 Water Resistant
5.8 x 3 x 2.5cm (Product)
12 x 5 x 10cm (Depth)
Weight : 33gr
*6000K light colour
*IPX5 Water Resistant
*Charging time 1.5 hours (Input 5V 1A)