Sunrei C1500 Emergency Lamp Dual Tone Light

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Light Pocket Size with Flat Fits. Starting with Dual Tone (2700K-6500K) and 4 light setting. Powerbank features, and the incomplete Mounting from Magnet, Hook, and Tripod Holder. Making this light can be said to be used for all conditions as well, like other V series types.

Model No : C1500
Light intensity : 1500 Lumens
Light Mode : Flood Light
Power : 3.7V 13500mAh
Input : 5V=3A ; 9V=2A
Output : 5V=3A ; 9V=2A ; 12V=1A
Light colour : Warm and White (2700K-6500K) , Red
Material : Plastic ABS / PA66-GF30 / Aluminium Alloy
Dimensions : 98x111x44.5mm
Weight : 450gr