Sunrei CL1600 Rechargeable Worklight

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The Sunrei CL1600 is a practical and functional work torch. It is able to reach a maximum output of 1500 lumens with the main LED. This torch is equipped with a Cob panel and allows you to manage the output levels on four different brightness levels ranging from 120 lumens to 1500 lumens. In addition to the main white light LED, there is also another red light cob LED, ideal for emergency situations, for night-time signaling or for not tiring your eyes when you are in total darkness. This torch is equipped with a practical support that allows it to rotate 180° therefore the light can be directed exactly where it is needed. The base is also magnetic so it can be attached to any metal surface making your work easier and giving you the possibility to use the flashlight without using your hands. In addition to this the base is also equipped with a hook to allow you to attach the light to for example a branch, a rope or anything else. The Sunrei CL1600 is equipped with an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13500mAh. The full battery recharge takes about 3.5 hours while the maximum runtime is 84 hours. This torch can be used as a normal power bank in fact its charging interface is bidirectional: in this way it is possible to power any type of device compatible with the USB standard such as tablets, mobile phones, etc.

The inputs of the light are 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1A while the output values are 5V/3A, 9V/2A.

The body of the torch is entirely made of robust and durable material: it is a high quality ABS material that protects the light from bad weather, scratches and knocks. The water resistance is given by the IPX5 standard so the light is resistant to splashes and rain. The dimensions of the Sunrei CL1600 are 98 mm x 111 mm x 44.5 mm while the weight is 450 grams. The output levels are divided as follows: Low level of 120 lumens with 13 m of maximum reachable distance and 50 hours runtime, Medium level of 300 lumens 21 meters of maximum reachable distance and 21 hours of runtime, High level of 750 lumens 33 meters of maximum reachable distance and 8 hours of runtime, Extremely High level with 1500 lumens and 47 meters of maximum reachable distance and with maximum runtime of 5.5 hours, level with Red Light of 14 lumens with a maximum duration of 15.8 hours and a level with Light strobe red.

Power Source: 3.7V/13500mAh
Light Source: COB+ RED LED
Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A
Input: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1A
Charging time: 5.5-6h
Waterproof: IPX5
Size: 98*111*44.5mm
Weight: 450g
Feature: 180° rotate, magnet, hook
Low 120LM 13M 50H
Middle 300LM 21M 21H
High 750LM 33M 8H
Extremely high 1500LM 47M 5.5H
Red Light 14LM - 15.8H
Red Strobe - - -