SUNREI COB EOS2 Outdor Headlamp

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Introducing the Sunrei COB EOS2 Outdoor Headlamp, a versatile and powerful lighting solution designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. With a formidable light capacity of 320 lumens, this headlamp delivers a focused lighting mode, ensuring a clear view at a distance, as well as an SOS mode for emergency situations. Its thoughtful design and practical features make it an ideal companion for various outdoor activities.

The EOS2 boasts three distinct lighting modes that cater to different scenarios:

Focus Height: This mode unleashes an impressive 320 lumens, creating a focused beam that extends up to 22 meters. Whether you're navigating a trail, setting up a campsite, or exploring the wilderness, this high-intensity setting provides ample illumination for tasks requiring a clear line of sight. The runtime of 3 hours ensures reliable performance during extended use.

Focus In Progress: Offering a balanced combination of brightness and runtime, this mode delivers 100 lumens with a beam distance of 12 meters. The extended runtime of 9 hours makes it an excellent choice for situations where sustained lighting is essential, such as hiking or reading at a campsite.

Reduction Focus: Ideal for conserving battery while maintaining sufficient illumination, this mode provides 10 lumens, covering a distance of 4 meters. The remarkable runtime of 97 hours ensures that the headlamp can accompany you through extended outdoor adventures without the need for frequent battery replacements.

In addition to the primary lighting modes, the EOS2 features a red light mode that offers 30 lumens. This mode is perfect for preserving night vision without disturbing others, making it suitable for activities like stargazing or quietly moving around a campsite. The runtime of 5 hours ensures lasting performance during low-light conditions.
The headlamp also includes an SOS mode, providing a critical signaling option in emergency situations. While the SOS mode has no specified lumens or distance, it serves as a vital feature for alerting others to your location in challenging circumstances.
Crafted with durability and user comfort in mind, the EOS2 incorporates high-quality ABS Engineering Plastic for the headlamp, ensuring robustness without unnecessary weight. The user-friendly button, made from reliable materials, simplifies operation even in challenging conditions. The headlamp's compact dimensions of 6.5 x 3 x 4cm and a lightweight design of 59 grams (without battery) contribute to its portability, allowing you to wear it comfortably for extended periods.

The EOS2 embraces both white and red light colors, adding versatility to its functionality. The gray color of the headlamp complements its modern design, making it not only a functional tool but also a stylish accessory for outdoor adventures.
In conclusion, the Sunrei COB EOS2 Outdoor Headlamp combines power, versatility, and durability to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a reliable lighting solution. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, camping, hiking, or faced with unexpected emergencies, the EOS2 is designed to illuminate your path and enhance your outdoor experience. With its focus on practical features and thoughtful design, this headlamp is a must-have for those who demand reliable lighting in the great outdoors.

* Focus height: 320 lumens // 22 meters // 3 hours
* Focus in progress: 100 lumens // 12 meters // 9 hours
* Reduction focus: 10 lumens // 4 meters // 97 hours
* Red light : 30 lumens // 0 meters // 5 hours
* SOS : 0 lumens // 0 meters // 0 hours

Model name : EOS2
Category : Headlamp
Lights : 320 lm
Light Mode: Focus and SOS
Color : Gray
Light Colour: White and Red
*ABS Engineering Plastic (Headlamp)
*Carpet (Button)
Dimensions : 6.5 x 3 x 4cm
Weight : 59gr (No Battery)