SUNREI iFishing-Li Sensor 230LM LED Headlamp

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The SUNREI iFishing-Li Sensor 230LM LED Headlamp is an affordable and practical lighting solution that caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who engage in activities like fishing during the early dawn or in foggy conditions. This headlamp is equipped with a motion sensor, ensuring convenience and ease of use, and its waterproof feature provides worry-free operation in heavy rain.

The headlamp's design prioritizes functionality and durability. Constructed from ABS plastic, it offers a lightweight yet robust solution for various outdoor activities. The IPX5 waterproof rating enhances its versatility, allowing users to confidently use the headlamp in adverse weather conditions, including heavy rain.

One of the standout features of the iFishing-Li headlamp is its yellow light, specifically chosen for its suitability in foggy areas. When fishing at dawn or by the lake, where fog may be prevalent, the yellow light helps cut through the mist, providing clear visibility and enhancing the overall fishing experience.

In terms of performance, the headlamp offers a range of lighting modes to accommodate different scenarios. In medium focus mode, it provides 70 lumens, reaching a distance of 46 meters, with an impressive runtime of 18 hours. High focus mode delivers a brighter illumination of 230 lumens, extending up to 85 meters, with a runtime of 5.6 hours. For situations requiring subtle lighting, the dim focus mode offers 9 lumens, covering 15 meters for an extensive 110 hours.

The inclusion of a motion sensor adds a layer of convenience to the iFishing-Li headlamp. The high sensing mode, activated by motion, provides 140 lumens, reaching a distance of 65 meters, with a runtime of 5.6 hours. This feature ensures that the headlamp is responsive to your movements, allowing for hands-free operation in various outdoor scenarios.

The headlamp features a regular mode with three lighting levels: middle, high, and low. This flexibility allows users to adjust the brightness according to their specific needs, ensuring optimal illumination for different tasks or environments. The induction mode, with middle light intensity, further enhances the convenience of the headlamp.

The light source of the iFishing-Li headlamp is an XPG3 S3 LED, providing a color temperature of 4500K/6500K. This ensures a balanced and natural illumination, enhancing visibility without causing unnecessary strain on the eyes.

Weighing just 89 grams without the battery, the iFishing-Li headlamp is lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The 1800mAh Li-polymer battery powers the headlamp, and its specifications ensure a long-lasting performance, making it suitable for extended outdoor adventures where access to charging may be limited.

In conclusion, the SUNREI iFishing-Li Sensor 230LM LED Headlamp combines affordability, practicality, and durability to create a reliable lighting solution for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those engaged in activities like fishing. The motion sensor, waterproof design, and customizable lighting modes make this headlamp a versatile companion for various outdoor scenarios, providing clear visibility and enhancing the overall outdoor experience.


Medium: 70 lumens // 46 meters // 18 hours
High: 230 lumens / 85 meters / 5.6 hours
Moonlight: 9 lumens // 15 meters // 110 hours
High Sensing mode: 140 lumens // 65 meters // 5.6 hours

Lamp Body Material: ABS Plastic
Runtime (h): >12
Light Source: XPG3 S3 LED
Color Temperature : 4500K/6500k
Color : gray
Lumen: 230 lumens
Working Time: 110h(low light)
Regular mode: Middle-High-Low
Induction mode: Middle light
Lighting Distance: 85m(High Light)
Waterproof : IPX5
Weight: 89g(without battery)
Battery Specification: 1800mAh Li-polymer Battery