Sunrei iFishing Sensor 225 Lumens Headlamp

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The Sunrei iFishing Sensor 225 Lumens IPX6 Headlamp stands out as an affordable and feature-rich lighting solution, specifically designed to enhance outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, caving, and everyday use. With its motion sensor technology, waterproof features, and focus on user comfort, this headlamp offers a versatile and reliable lighting companion for various scenarios.

Designed for practicality and performance, the headlamp is equipped with a range of lighting modes to adapt to different situations. In focus mode, the headlamp delivers 65 lumens for close-range tasks, with a reach of 46 meters and a runtime of 7 hours. Switching to high focus mode, the headlamp produces an impressive 225 lumens, extending its reach to 85 meters and providing a reliable illumination source for up to 4 hours. For energy-efficient lighting in reduced visibility conditions, the reduced focus mode offers 7 lumens, covering 15 meters for an extended runtime of 120 hours. The sensing mode at its peak delivers 140 lumens, reaching 65 meters with a runtime of 3 hours, making it suitable for scenarios where motion activation is preferred.

The headlamp's waterproof design, rated at IPX6, ensures protection against strong water spills and heavy rain. This feature adds a layer of reliability, allowing users to confidently use the headlamp in various weather conditions without the fear of damage. Whether it's a sudden downpour or working in wet environments, the IPX6 rating ensures the headlamp remains operational.

One distinctive feature of the iFishing Sensor headlamp is its yellow light. This choice of light color is particularly suitable for use in shrinking areas, such as on the edge of a lake during early morning fishing. The yellow light provides optimal visibility in foggy conditions or areas with limited visibility, enhancing safety and convenience.

The headlamp operates on AAA batteries, offering the convenience of easy replacement and availability. This ensures users can easily carry spare batteries during extended outdoor activities, providing a reliable power source whenever needed.

The inclusion of motion sensors adds a level of user-friendly functionality to the headlamp. With the ability to easily turn on and off using motion sensing technology, users can enjoy hands-free operation, making it ideal for various outdoor activities where manual control may be challenging.

Adjustability is a key feature of the iFishing Sensor headlamp. The direction of light can be adjusted and tilted up to 60 degrees, allowing users to customize the angle of illumination based on their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the headlamp provides optimal visibility in different scenarios.

The headlamp is designed with user comfort in mind. The buttons are covered in waterproof rubber, ensuring durability and anti-slip functionality. The elastic and loose strap makes it easy to wear, open, and comfortable to use for extended periods. This makes it an ideal companion for activities like hiking, caving, fishing, and everyday tasks like reading or repairing in dark spaces.

It's worth noting that for optimal performance and to prevent battery leakage, it's recommended to remove the installed batteries when the headlamp is not in use for an extended period. In summary, the Sunrei iFishing Sensor 225 Lumens IPX6 Headlamp offers an excellent balance of affordability, functionality, and durability. With its motion sensor technology, waterproof design, energy-efficient lighting modes, and user-friendly features, this headlamp is a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts, providing clear visibility and enhancing the overall outdoor experience.

Product Features:
*Waterproof IPX6 level, protected from strong water spills and heavy rain
*Using AAA batteries, easy to take and replace anytime
*Got motion sensors, easy to turn on and off
*The direction of light can be adjusted and adjusted up to 60 degrees
*Buttons covered in waterproof rubber and anti-slip
*Strap that is elastic and loose, easy to open and comfortable to use
*Coke used for hiking, caving, fishing, and daily use (reading, repairing in dark space, etc.)
NOTE: Please remove the installed battery when not used for a long time so the headlamp is more awesome and there is no battery leak

Model no : iFishing (Battery)
Light intensity : 225 lm/230lm
Light Mode: spotlight
Color : Brown
Light Colour: Yellow
Battery : 110 hours (energy-saving mode)
Distance (highlighted): 85 meters
Power supply: 1800mAh polymer lithium battery
Weight (including battery): 97g
Waterproof: IPX6
Material: ABS Engineering Plastic (Headlamp)