Sunrei L1000 Emergency Lamp Industrial Light

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The SUNREI L1000 hand-held work light features 1000LM by 2*CREE LEDs, combined with floodlight and focus light.  The head can be rotated 130° to satisfy different working environments.  It comes with a 4200mAh Li-battery and the detachable hanging design makes it easy to hang on your belt or elsewhere.  The magnet at the bottom also allows you to position it where light is most needed.  The L1000 features two charging modes for user convenience: the TYPE-C charging port and also a charging cradle.

Brand : Sunrei
Model no : L1000
Category : Senter Industrial
Lights : 1000 Lights
Burn Time : 3-116 hours
Battery capacity : 4500mAh (3h detection)
Light Mode: Focus and Flood LED
Color : Blue
Light colour: White 6500K
-ABS + PA66-GF30 (Sender Body)
- Aluminium Alloy.
Dimensions : 76 x 168 x 54mm
Weight : 222gr / 252gr