Sunrei Phantom Retro Camp Light

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The Sunrei Phantom Retro Camp Light is a small camping lantern that produces a soft, pleasant and soft light. The particular retro design is reminiscent of the oil lamps of the past and is particularly beautiful and elegant. Among its main features there is also that of acting as a power bank, in fact it is possible to use its internal battery to recharge any electronic device compatible with the USB standard. For example, it is possible to recharge your mobile phone or tablet when you are camping or when you are in the middle of nature where there is no electricity. The USB port output is 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1A so it also allows smart and fast charging for compatible devices. The internal battery has an incredible capacity of 10400mAh with a 3.7V battery pack. The battery recharging time takes about 5 hours and depends on the power supply used. Thanks to the powerful battery it is equipped with, this torch is able to reach a runtime for its lowest level of 237 hours. The light produced can be adjusted both in terms of intensity and in terms of color temperature: it is in fact possible to switch from a very warm orange 1300K light to a warm 2700K light. The output levels for the Orange light are divided as follows: Low 8 lumens, 2 meters of maximum reachable distance and 196 hours of maximum autonomy; High level of 70 lumens 5 meters of maximum reachable distance and 23 hours of maximum autonomy. For the 2700K Warm light, on the other hand, the low level is 85 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 2 meters and 15 hours of maximum autonomy, while the High output level is 300 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 5 meters and a maximum autonomy of 4 hours. The dimensions of this light are 182mm high, 91mm wide and 91mm thick. The weight, on the other hand, is 645 grams including the high-performance 10400mAh internal battery. The water resistance is given by the IPX5 standard so the light is resistant to splashes and humidity, so there is no problem using it in the rain. In the upper part, the torch is equipped with a practical carrying handle which, if necessary, can also be used to attach the torch anywhere as if it were a small chandelier. The switch is made of copper and is very nice both to the touch and from an aesthetic point of view.

The Sunrei Phantom Retro Camp Light is made with quality materials, the retro design makes it very elegant and unique in its kind. This torch is useful to always keep on hand at home in case the light goes out, but it is especially useful as a camping torch to be used, for example, when spending the night in a tent. The fact that it can also be used as a power bank makes this light perfect for taking along for example on multi-day hikes and when camping.

It can be used as power bank for cell phones, cameras, or other digital devices, max 600lm
Power Source: 3.7V, 10400mAh
LED Source: LED+warm white LED
USB Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1A
Waterproof: IPX5
Charging Time: 5H
Runing Time: 237H
Size: 182*91*91mm
Weight: 645g
Features: Electrodeless dimming, free adjustment of color temperature and brightness, multi-scene availability, pure copper switch, handle wrapped in cattle hide, delicate and soft.

Orange Light 1300K
Low 8LM 2M 196H
High 70LM 5M 23H
Warm White 2700K
Low 85LM 2M 15H
High 300LM 5M 4H