SUPERFIRE HL25 Powerful LED Zoomable Headlamp

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The Superfire HL25 is a zoomable head torch that can focus the beam and change it from spot to flood in an instant. Its maximum power is 15 watts and its maximum brightness is 700 lumens. The flashlight is made entirely of ABS and aluminum and is extremely light and comfortable to carry on the head. Its dimensions are 75 mm long, 45 mm high and 81 mm wide while the weight is 170 grams. This flashlight is water resistant to IP43 standard. It is equipped with a blur sensor and for me you can verify interacting with the mussel simply by passing your hand in front of it. The main and white light LED while there are also two auxiliary red light LEDs to be used in emergency situations or to not tire the eyes when in total darkness. 

This flashlight is powered by an internal 18650 2x1200mAh battery which guarantees a maximum runtime of 6.5 hours. It is equipped with a type-C charging interface that allows you to charge the internal cell in about 4 hours. The maximum distance that can be reached is 210 meters while the possible brightness levels are 8 and divided as follows: 8 modes (Low, Light - Medium,  Light - Strong,  Light - Strobe  -Auxiliary,  Light - Main Auxiliary Light / Red Light - Red Flash ),Press and hold any gear for 3S to turn off the light source. 

The lens is of the aspherical type and allows you to vary the width of the beam by simply screwing or unscrewing the head: in fact, it is possible to switch from a totally spot light beam to a totally flood light beam in an instant. 

The support allows the flashlight to be tilted up to 60 degrees so the user can choose exactly where to illuminate in a very simple and precise way. For the management of the interface there are two different switches: a normal switch and a motion sensor switch. When the motion sensor mode is activated then it will be possible to turn the flashlight on and off simply with the movement of the hand. The user only has to pass his hand in front of the torch at a distance of no more than 10 cm to activate the light: this function is particularly useful when working in very dirty environments and you need to use the torch without getting it dirty. The charging interface is well protected by a rubber cap that prevents water and dirt from entering or inside it. There is also an LED status indicator which provides information on the state of charge of the cell and on the charging process. The motion sensors are placed to the right and left of the light and are located near the auxiliary LEDs. For correct operation, the hand must be moved no more than 10 cm away from the sensors, otherwise the movement is not perceived correctly.