SUPERFIRE L3/L3-D 36W 2700Lm LED Flashlight

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The SUPERFIRE L3/L3-D is a shooting torch born to illuminate at great distances. It is sold in two versions which differ only in that the head can be moved forward and backward to focus the beam. In fact, the L3 has this additional feature compared to the L3-D: its head can be moved to allow the variation of the beam width.

The L3 is equipped with an aspherical lens capable of varying the focus of the beam: in fact, it is possible to have a totally flood beam to illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity or to have a totally spot beam to reach long distances. the maximum power of the SUPERFIRE L3 is 36W which corresponds to a maximum brightness of 2700 lumens when the flashlight is turned on at the highest output level. The lighting modes are 5 and well spaced between them. The maximum reachable distance is 390 meters while the maximum runtime is 3 hours. The flashlight uses two 3700mAh rechargeable Li-ion model 26650 cells. The weight is approximately 377 grams excluding the battery. Dimensions are 63mm head diameter x 36mm body diameter x 241mm length for the L3-D version and 63mm head diameter x 36mm body diameter x 239mm length for the L3-D version. L3 version. The user interface is very simple and easy to use: total pressure on the switch until it clicks to turn on the light. With the torch on, lightly press the switch to scroll through the various output levels as follows: Low Light - Medium Light - High Light - Strobe and SOS. The maximum distance reached is 400 meters so this flashlight is great for search and rescue situations, for hunting and for the outdoors.

The two 26650 cells with which this flashlight is equipped together form a 7400mAH battery pack which guarantees a high runtime that allows the light to be used for 210 minutes on the Strong Light level. The body is entirely made of aeronautical aluminum alloy with anodized finish which guarantees excellent resistance to scratches and abrasions. On the body there are knurling that improve the grip and help the user in the handle even when the hands are damp or wet. Under the head there are deep and thick dissipation fins that allow the heat produced by the powerful LED to be dissipated when the flashlight is used on the highest output levels.

The switch is queued and allows you to manage the entire user interface with all its functions. it is rubberized, protruding and offers excellent tactile feedback. There is no problem locating it in the dark or if you wear gloves because it is very large and in a very favorable position.

In the tail cap there are also small holes that allow you to attach the flashlight to small snap hooks or wrist straps for transport.

The waterproofness of this light is guaranteed by the IP46 standard so it effectively resists splashes and has no problem if it has to be used in the rain.


> Model: L3/L3-D
> Power: 36W
> Battery Capacity: 26650/3700mAh*2
> Brightness: 2700LM
> Theoretical brightness: 3000 lm
> Distance: 400 meters
> Modes: 5 modes (Low>Med>High>strobe>SOS)
> Runtime: L3 About3.5H/L3-D About3H
> Product Size: 63*36*239mm(L3)/63*36*241mm(L3-D)
> Weight: 360g( L3)/377g(L3-D)