SUPERFIRE M6/M6-S Ultra Bright Flashlight

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The Superfire M6/M6-S is a compact and powerful flashlight comparable in size to a coke can. There are two versions: the M6 ​​and the M6-S which differ in power and slightly also aesthetically. The maximum power of this flashlight is 45W (for M6 version), 36W (for M6-S version). The maximum output level is 3000 lumens when this flashlight is turned on Turbo. The lighting modes are 5 and allow to cover all the needs that the user needs. This flashlight is equipped with a type-c fast charging interface that allows you to charge the cells inside without having to take them out. Power is supplied by 4 18650 cells placed in parallel with each other, therefore in 4P configuration. The maximum illumination distance is 200 meters when using the highest output level. The recharge time is 5H(for M6 version), 6H(for M6-S version) while the maximum runtime is 3.5H(for M6 version), 4.5H(for M6-S version). The weight of the flashlight is approximately 334 grams excluding battery.

The product dimensions are 53mm head diameter x 51mm body diameter x 134mm length for the M6 ​​version, while for the M6-S version the head diameter is 53mm the body diameter is 48mm and the height is 145mm. The M6 ​​model uses three P50 wicks 45 strong light as a light source while the M6-S version uses a SH-S11 wick bright light.

In addition to the type-C charging interface, this flashlight is equipped with a USB-A port that allows you to use the flashlight as if it were a powerbank. It is therefore possible to use this flashlight to charge any type of electronic device such as smartphones and tablets. The body is made entirely of anodized aluminum, resistant to scratches, corrosion and bad weather. the surface of the body is knurled to always provide the user with a perfect grip in any condition, even when your hands are damp or wet. On the head of the dissipation fins they allow perfect dissipation of the heat produced when the torch is turned on at high output levels. The tail allows you to use the torch in tailstanding therefore resting on the tail on flat surfaces with the head facing upwards. The switch is lateral and easily accessible. Inside, a small status LED provides the user with information on the state of charge of the cell or on the remaining capacity of the battery. the water resistance is given by the IP45 standard for the M6 ​​model and by the IP44 standard for the M6-S model. Fall resistance is guaranteed up to 1 meter in height. This torch is particularly suitable for situations where a lot of light is needed, for example for search and rescue, but it is also useful for any other type of activity since it is possible to select different brightness levels and it is also possible to use it as a powerbank.


> Lamp beads: P50*3(M6), SH-S11(M6-S)
> Power: 45W(M6), 36W(M6-S)
> Lumen: 3000 (Real test data)
> Lighting Mode: 5 Modes
> Charging interface type: Type-C
> Max Lighting distance: about 220 M
> Runtime: about 3.5H(M6), 4.5H(M6-S)
> Charging time: 5H(M6), 6H(M6-S)
> Use battery model: 18650 2000mAh x4Pcs
> Material: Aluminum alloy
> Weight: about 334g
> Product Size: 53*51*134mm(M6), 53*48*145mm(M6-S)

SUPERFIRE M6/M6-S Ultra Bright FlashlightSUPERFIRE M6/M6-S Ultra Bright FlashlightSUPERFIRE M6/M6-S Ultra Bright Flashlight