SuperFire T58/T58-S Portable Multifunction Camping Lantern

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The SuperFire T58/T58-S is a small and elegant camping lantern with a retro style and equipped with two LED emitters and 20 SMD LEDs. The maximum power of this light is two watts while the maximum light output is between 12 lumens and 239 lumens. The lighting modes are 7 and allow you to manage a wide range of situations. The CE type charging interface allows you to quickly charge the pack which is made up of 3 AAA cells. The irradiation of this light allows you to illuminate up to 4.5m2 well, while the maximum runtime is 3.5 hours using the lowest output level. This light is equipped with five light sources and seven lighting modes: it is possible to switch from “Tungsten filament warm light” to SMD Warm Light to SMD white light to Mixed light. Furthermore, with a double click on the switch it is possible to access the red light function, ideal in the night to not tire the eyes or used for them as a signal light and in emergency situations.

In the upper part of the lantern there is a non-protruding rubberized switch with a small LED inside which informs the user about the residual charge: When the LED under the switch lights up green, it means that the charge is between 15 % and 100% when the light is red it means that the charge is between 5% and 15% while when the light flashes yellow it means that the charge is less than 5%. The water resistance of this lantern is given by the itp 44 standard therefore it is a splash resistant torch that is not afraid of rain and can also be used when it rains. This light is ideal in situations where you want to create a particular atmosphere or in situations where you are at the campsite but also for night explorations or as a night light. The dvc charging interface is located inside the flashlight on the opposite side of the switch and allows you to quickly charge the batteries. The package contains inside, in addition to the light, it also has a type C charging cable, a carabiner and three 3 AAA batteries with support. The SuperFire T58 is available in two different versions: T58 powered by non-rechargeable AAA cells or T58-S equipped with an internal 18650 lithium-ion cell and rechargeable via a type-C charging port. The dimensions of this light are 117 mm x 57 mm While the weight is 192 grams for the non-rechargeable version and 245 grams for the rechargeable version with 18650 cell.


Product Information

* Lamp beads:2*LED+20SMD
* Power: 2W
* Lumen: 12-239LM
* Lighting Mode: 7 Modes
* Charging interface type: Type-C
* Irradiation area: about 4.5㎡
* Runtime: about 3.5H
* Battery :3AAA*3/18650 battery
* Material: ABS+PC
* Weight: about 192g
* Product Size: 157*117mm
* Material: PC Transparent shade+ ABS+ Iron