Supfire HL06 Powerful Cree Headlamp

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The Superfire HP06 is a compact head torch that is light and easy to use thanks to the Motion Sensor it is equipped with. It is equipped with a USA imported CREE XPG R5 LED which allows a maximum output on the highest level of 355 lumens or 120 lumens on the lowest level. It is made entirely of ABS which makes this torch robust but very light at the same time. The Supfire HL06 is therefore a particularly comfortable torch to use even for a long time: there is no problem when, for example, you use it for jogging because it is a very light torch and does not bother your head even when you make sudden movements. In addition to this, the elastic band with which it is equipped is particularly thick and soft as well as being very elastic therefore it is very comfortable to wear. The all-in weight is only 56 grams. The flashlight has a stand that allows it to be tilted up to 60 degrees. In this way the user can choose where to direct the beam. The flashlight is equipped with a normal switch and a switch sensor that allow you to switch from one mode of use to another. It is in fact possible to switch from the classic use via a button for switching on and off, or it is possible to simply use a hand gesture to switch the light on or off. To use the Motion sensor, just swipe the hand at a minimum of 10 cm from the flashlight when the motion sensor mode is activated. In addition to the main LED, this torch is also equipped with two auxiliary red light LEDs. When using the switch for interface management: click the right switch to turn on the white light in high mode, and keep clicking the switch to cycle through the levels in order of High, Low, Strobe, Off. From any brightness mode press and hold the right switch for 1.5 seconds to turn on the red auxiliary LED lights. Continuing to click the switch will cycle through the red light levels in the order Solid Red, Strobe Red, Off. From any red light mode, simply press the right switch for 1.5 seconds to switch to High white light mode. When using the induction function with hand control just press the left button to activate the function. Continue to press the left switch to exit induction mode. The flashlight also features a charge indicator that glows red while the battery is charging and turns green when charging is complete. The flashlight is rechargeable via type-c charging interface. Its dimensions are 60 mm long by 44 mm high while the weight is only 56 grams and the thickness of 38 mm. In addition to the flashlight, the package includes the elastic band that allows you to wear the flashlight on your head, a type-C charging cable, the user manual and the integrated battery inside the 1200mAh flashlight.