TANK007 E15 Ai Mini Keychain Flashlight

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The TANK007 E15 Ai UV is a very small keychain flashlight equipped with a UV LED useful for different scenarios and applications. It is equipped with an import UV LED which produces a beam with 365 nm wavelength light. Thanks to the constant current circuit with which this light is equipped, it is possible to use it continuously for 156 hours. The body is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum and is available for sale in different colors: blue, pink, titanium, bronze and black. The power supply of this flashlight is guaranteed by three LR44 model button cells. Its size is only 3.18*1.5cm and its water resistance is given by the ipx8 standard therefore it is submersible up to 2 m deep. For the management of the interface there is no switch but just rotate the head clockwise to turn on the light and counterclockwise to turn it off. The threads are anodized therefore it is possible to lock the torch electronically by simply unscrewing the body slightly. Near the thread there is also a waterproof ring which allows the flashlight to be waterproof and dirt-repellent. At the tail there is a metal ring that allows the flashlight to be connected to any key ring.

The maximum light intensity is 1572uW/cm2 at a distance of 15cm or 285uW/cm2 at a distance of 38cm. The diameter of the spot is 145 mm wide at a distance of 15 cm or it is 850 mm at a distance of 38 cm. The applications of this light are many: anti counterfeit detection, laundry inspection, animal stains detection, scorpio hunting, fluorescent agent detection, daily necessity, milk powder testing.

Using this light is very simple. To turn on the light, just turn the head or tail of the light clockwise, to turn off the light, on the other hand, just make a counterclockwise movement.

Given its extremely small size and very light weight, this flashlight can always be carried with you, for example in your pocket or, for example, connected to a bunch of keys. It is so small that you forget you have it. It is powered by classic LR44 button batteries that can be found in any shop, even in supermarkets. The runtime is really high and the use is very simple: just turn the head to turn on or off the light on the only available output level