Tank007 J7 Jade Jewelry Identification Penlight

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The Tank007 J7 Jade Jewelry Identification Penlight stands out as a specialized and innovative tool designed for jewelry identification, particularly in the examination of jade gemstones. This penlight, produced by the reputable brand Tank007, incorporates advanced features and meticulous design to provide optimal illumination for detailed examination.

At the core of the J7 is a high-power imported LED, belonging to the Tank007 brand, ensuring a brightness of 280 lumens. The penlight operates in two gear modes, offering both high and medium brightness levels, and it is controlled by a convenient tail button switch. The stainless steel tapered mouth design enhances the light-gathering capability, making it particularly conducive for jewelry identification where precision is crucial.

The physical parameters of the J7 reveal its thoughtful construction. The body is made from durable aluminum T6061, ensuring both strength and lightness. The design includes a tempered optical glass lens treated with three-level hard oxidation, providing durability and resistance against wear and tear. The penlight weighs 78g, including the pen clip but excluding the battery, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

The J7 is powered by an 18650 battery, contributing to its long battery life and sustained performance during extended use. The shock-absorbing design and waterproof rating of IPX8 make it suitable for various environments and ensure durability in challenging conditions. With dimensions of 135mm in length, 23.8mm in diameter, and 5mm in height, the penlight is compact and portable.

The penlight is equipped with a shock-absorbing design, making it suitable for use with some flat-head batteries and enhancing its earthquake resistance. The battery installation process is straightforward, involving unscrewing the tail, placing the 18650 battery inside with the positive terminal facing inwards, and then tightening the tail securely. The transparent skin of the battery compartment can be peeled off for a clear view of the positive and negative electrodes.

Tank007 emphasizes the J7's application in jewelry identification, especially for jade gemstones. The concentrated and penetrating light emitted by the penlight allows users to see through the skin to the core of rough stones. The 3.7V 2600mAh lithium battery contributes to the penlight's impressive performance, providing ample power for extended use.

The product is available for purchase at $69.90, offering a specialized tool for professionals and enthusiasts involved in jewelry identification. The real images showcase the penlight's small-diameter lamp head with a condenser lens, highlighting its ability to create a strong and focused light spot without black spots. Tank007's commitment to quality and functionality is evident in the thoughtful design and advanced features of the J7 Jewelry Identification Penlight, making it a valuable tool for those in the field of gemstone examination and jewelry appraisal.