TANK007 K9A5 365nm Ultraviolet Flashlight with Easy Operation More Accurate

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K9-A5 is a high-power 365nm professional-grade ultraviolet flashlight. It adopts the imported UVLED high-power lamp beads and matches with 365nm wavelength special black lens to eliminate the interference of visible light. Mainly for UV curing (coatings, inks, glues) and scene applications that require high fluorescence reaction effects, such as fingerprint inspection, cleaning inspection (grease, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms), oil and gas air conditioning (automotive) pipeline leak detection and non-destructive testing.


> Equipped with one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, K9A5 is a portable high-intensity UV flashlight
>It adopts top-level professional UV chip from Korea of precise wavelength and 20,000 hours' lifespan
>K9A5 is a general-purpose purple light flashlight, which can automatically focus light at short distance;
>Ultra-high UV radiation
>Check the leaks for air conditioner and automobile circulatory system
>Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene
>Treasure and minerals searching, antique appraisal
>Ink curing and glue curing
>Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
>Gas leaks inspection
>Fluorescent reflection of special materials


Used for UV curing
Flood light at long distance,can also be used for fluorescence reaction detection;


>Model: Imported from Korea, high-power 365nm UV LED
>Color: Black
>LED Lifespan: Above 20,000 hours
>UV Intensity: 59290uW/cm sq. @15cm, 8137uW/cm sq. @38cm
>Input Voltage: 2.8-4.5V
>Output Level: One mode
>Power Source: 1 x 18650Rechargeable lithium battery
>Burn Time: 3 hours
>Size(cm): 12.5(length) x 2.4(body diameter) x 2.4 (head diameter)
>Switch: Tail click switch
>Material: Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
>Reflector: High temperature vacuum coated aluminum mirror reflector
>Lens: UV filter optical lens
>Treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
>Waterproof: IPX8
>Anti-dropping Height: 1.5 m
>Weight: 1.1 lbs

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