TANK007 KC11 Outdoor Strong Light LED Flashlight

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The TANK007 KC11 is a high power flashlight with a maximum output of 6400 lumens, ideal for search and rescue, law enforcement, outdoor, camping and even tactical applications. The TANK007 KC11 features 3x SST40 LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and capable of delivering a maximum output of 6400 lumens with a beam capable of reaching a maximum distance of 700 meters.

There are 4 possible normal output levels divided as follows: Extremely, High, Medium and Low. While there are also two special flashing levels Strobe and SOS. To go from one normal level to another, just press the switch when the light is on, while to access the special flashing levels, you can click the switch twice consecutively.

The constant current IC provides stable output all the time until total cell depletion. There is therefore no PWM as the circuit always provides a constant output. The TANK007 KC11 is powered by 3 x 3.7V 18650 model Li-ion rechargeable cells forming a 9000mAh battery pack.

Total runtime, using the highest output level, is 2 hours and, when using the lowest output level, runtime is approximately 80 hours. The dimensions of this lamp are extremely compact when compared to its power: the length is 134 mm, the diameter of the body is 45 mm while the diameter of the head is 60 mm. The weight of the flashlight is 325 grams excluding battery and reaches about 470 grams with 3 18650 cells inserted inside. Interface management is entrusted entirely to a single switch placed laterally near the head. It's metallic and electronic, and offers excellent tactile feedback. The body is entirely made of aluminum alloy which guarantees the flashlight a high resistance to wear, scratches and bad weather. The reflector is made of aluminum. Under the head are a series of dissipation fins which allow the flashlight to dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs when the maximum light level is used. The central part of the body has a knurling that improves grip and always guarantees an optimal grip in any condition, even with damp or wet hands. The ring to protect the lens is protruding, crenelated and if necessary can be used effectively as a glass breaker in emergency situations. The tail of the light is flat: in this way the torch can also be used tailstanding, therefore as if it were a candle resting on a horizontal plane. The impermeability is given by the IPX-8 standard so the light is resistant to both splashes and dust and there are no problems using it for example in the rain or in critical environments. The impact resistance, on the other hand, is given up to 1 meter in height. Interface management is extremely simple and intuitive: hold down the switch to turn the flashlight on or off. Simple click to switch from one level to another with the light on. Double click to access the flashing special levels.


> Ultra-high output: 3 high-power LUMINUS SST-40 lamp beads are used, with a maximum brightness of 6400lm and a maximum range of 700m
> Multi-gear mode: extremely bright, high bright, medium bright and low bright four-gear lighting mode, with flash and SOS functions, to meet various outdoor activities, search and rescue and other application scenarios
> Active temperature control: internal circuit active temperature control design, when the lamp temperature exceeds 55 ℃, automatically gradually reduce the output, adjust to the appropriate temperature
> Powerful kinetic energy: equipped with three 18650 lithium batteries with high rate (9000mAh), the maximum battery life is up to 80 hours
> Convenient and fast charging: Using USB Type-C charging cable and interface, blind plug is more convenient, 5V-2A high current charging, less than 5 hours can be fully charged
> Electronic side button: In the shutdown state, it can be locked by three clicks to prevent mistaken opening, which is more reliable and safe; Long press to switch on and off, click to shift gear for lighting mode, and double click to realize flash and SOS


> Light source: LUMINUS SST-40 * 3 20W
> Maximum brightness: 6400 lumens
> Maximum range: 700m
> Maximum battery life: 80 hours
> Batteries: 3 18650 high rate lithium batteries
> Charging method: Type-C charging
> Voltage: 3.0-4.5v
> Endurance: 2 hours of very high brightness, 5 hours of high brightness, 15 hours of medium brightness, 80 hours of low brightness
> Size (mm): 60 (head diameter) * 45 (diameter) * 134 (length) Unit/mm
> Weight (G): 325 G (without battery)
> Material: Aviation grade aluminum 6061 T6
> Waterproof and dustproof grade: IPX8
> Anti-drop height: 1m
> Color: Black
> Surface treatment: military regulation grade 3 hard oxidation