TANK007 KC16 Outdoor Tactical Flashlight

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The TANK007 KC16 is a multifunctional torch that can be useful for outdoor activities such as camping and trekking but it is a torch that can also be useful in tactical applications. This light is in the 21700 format therefore it can be powered by a single 21700 cell or alternatively by 18650 cells but using specific adapters. The TANK007 KC16 is equipped with a latest generation SST-40 LED capable of developing 1800 lumens on its highest output level with a maximum reachable distance of 350 meters. Thanks to the 5000mAh 21700 battery it is equipped with, the maximum runtime that can be reached when the light is used on the lowest output level is 120 hours. The optical part is made using a vacuum electroplating aluminum reflector, with an optical toughened lens.

The user interface is easy to use even with one hand. A light pressure of the switch allows you to switch between 5 different modes of use. A total pressure of the switch allows you to turn the light on or off. The particular U-shape of the tailcap prevents accidental ignition and allows you to quickly locate the switch. Although the tailcap is not flat, it is possible to use the tailstanding torch as if it were a candle. On the side, near the head, there is a type-c charging interface that allows you to quickly charge the battery inside the flashlight without having to remove it. The charging interface is well protected by a thick rubber cap that prevents dirt and water from penetrating inside. Under the head there are thick and deep dissipation fins which allow the heat produced by the LED to be dispersed when it is used on high levels. The contacts are made by means of springs therefore it is possible to use the torch even mounted on weapons: the light will therefore not go out when the torch will suffer a recoil due to the shot. The belt clip that the flashlight is equipped with is made of stainless steel and allows you to attach the flashlight to any garment such as pockets, belts or backpacks or any type of modular system.

The dimensions of this light are 149 mm in length and 35 mm in diameter of the head while the weight is 195 grams including the battery. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a Pocket clip, a lanyard, a nylon holster and a 5000 mAh battery of the 21700 type. The output levels are divided as follows: Turbo from 1800 - 800 lumens with a runtime of 2 min - 2h and 43 min, maximum light intensity of 31,000 candles and maximum distance of 350 m; High level of 800 lumens with a runtime of 2h 47 min, maximum luminous intensity of 15500 candles and maximum distance that can be reached 248 m; Medium level of 300 lumens with runtime of 6h and 15mn, maximum luminous intensity 6300 candles, maximum distance that can be reached 158m; Low level of 30 lumens with 120 h of maximum autonomy 300 candles of maximum light intensity, 34 m of maximum reachable distance; Strobo level of 800 lumens with an autonomy of 3h and 28 min.