TANK007 KC61 High Power Outdoor LED Flashlight

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The TANK007 KC61 is a high power outdoor flashlight with a maximum output of 1100 lumens with a unique and elegant design. The TANK007 KC61 is equipped with an XF 3535 LED capable of providing a maximum power of 1100 lumens with a beam that reaches a maximum distance of 160 meters. There are 3 possible normal output levels divided as follows: High, Medium and Low. In addition, two strobe levels Strobe and SOS are also available. The constant current IC provides stable output all the time until total cell depletion. There is therefore no PWM as the circuit always provides a constant output. The TANK007 KC61 is powered by a single 3.7V rechargeable 18650 model Li-ion cell. The total runtime using the highest output level is 2.5 hours while when using the lowest output level the duration is about 22 hours. The dimensions of this lamp are: length 152 mm, the diameter of the body is 27 mm while the diameter of the head is 41 mm. The weight of the flashlight is 115 grams excluding battery and reaches about 170 grams with a 18650 cell inserted inside.

Interface management is entrusted entirely to a single switch placed laterally near the head. It is electronic, non-protruding and offers excellent tactile feedback.

integrated aluminum alloy with high-precision CNC machine tool processing and The body is entirely made of integrated aluminum alloy with CNC machining and anodized surface treatment which ensures the flashlight has high resistance to wear, scratches and bad weather. The impermeability is given by the IP66 standard so the light is resistant to both splashes and dust and there are no problems using it for example in the rain or in critical environments. The impact resistance, on the other hand, has risen up to 1.5 meters in height. You can use the Type-C fast charging interface on the flashlight to charge the battery. The package is complete with everything you need to start using the flashlight right away: in fact, in addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a 2600 mAh rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, a type C charging cable, user manual and warranty paper.

The particular elephant paw design makes this torch unique in its kind, aesthetically beautiful, comfortable to hold. The particular anodized workmanship instead makes the torch pleasant to the touch and offers a beautiful tactile feedback.

TANK007 KC61 aluminum alloy outdoor flashlight dares to break through the conventions and create an imaginative "elephant trunk" appearance ID. The fashionable color matching of matte black, green and Hermes orange is really eye-catching. In addition, the overall size of the KC61 colorful aluminum alloy LED flashlight is very compact, with an overall length of only 152mm and a weight of only 115g, which is only equivalent to the three dimensions of a mobile phone, so that it can be put directly into the pocket or into the side pocket of the backpack.

The KC61LED outdoor flashlight shell is made of integrated aluminum alloy with high-precision CNC machine tool processing and anodized surface treatment, which not only achieves scratch resistance, but also supports 1.5 meters of fall resistance. In addition, the aluminum alloy body not only makes KC61 have a solid shell, but also has stronger heat dissipation performance, which can greatly prolong the life of led lamp beads. In order to increase the grip of the flashlight, the KC61 outdoor flashlight has anti-skid treatment on the tube body, which is easy to hold and comfortable.

TANK007 KC61 is an outdoor high-light LED flashlight. The KC61 aluminum alloy outdoor flashlight is designed with five levels of light output (high light, medium light, low light, flash and SOS). Long press for 1 second to turn on the flashlight, click to switch the brightness, and double-click the flash and SOS. The maximum brightness is 1100 lumens, the irradiation distance is 160 M, and a large-capacity 18650 lithium battery can be used continuously for 2.5 hours. The medium brightness is 300 lumens, which can be used continuously for 5.5 hours, and the high endurance mode is 85 lumens, which can be used continuously for 22 hours. You are never alone in the dark, because KC61 illuminates the way forward for you.


> NEW DESIGN MODEL: KC61 Flashlight - BREAK THE NORM, BE DIFFERENT, So beautiful more than a flashlight.
> Inspired by the "elephant trunk", a unique appearance.
> One-piece molding precision craftsmanship full texture.
> IP66 Waterproof: Fully enclosed design, power circuit protection, easy to deal with outdoor rainy days.
> Color rendering is more real, good- looking and powerful.
> Six-speed output, one -button switching, to meet various search needs.
> USB Type-C port for direct charging convenient and fast.
> Large-capacity 18650 Li Battery.
> Multifunctional electronic switch safe and convenient.


> Model: KC61
> Brightness: 1100 lumens for bright light, 85 lumens for working light
> Range: 160 m
> Endurance: Up to 22 hours
> Light Source: XF 3535 LED
> Battery: 18650
> Size: 152 (length) * 27 (diameter) * 41 (head) Unit: mm
> Weight: 115 G (without battery)
> Applicable environment: applicable to duty, search, outdoor and camping
> Charging mode: Type-C direct charging
> Category: High Light Flashlight