TANK007 PTL01 High-power White Laser Tactical Flashlight

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The TANK007 PTL01 is a high power tactical flashlight equipped with an innovative lighting system based on laser technology. Thanks to this latest generation technology this light produces a totally focused and extremely directional beam of light that is able to reach the incredible distance of 1400 meters with a maximum output of 500 lumens. The TANK007 PTL01 has 4 possible brightness levels divided as follows: High level with 500 lumens and a duration of four hours, maximum distance reached 1400 m, Medium level of 200 lumens with a runtime of 6 hours, Low level of 60 lumens with an 8.5 hour runtime, 280 lumens Strobe level and an 8 hour runtime.

This flashlight is powered by a supplied rechargeable Model 21700 Li-ion battery. The battery has a capacity of 5000mAh and has a Type-c charging interface inside. In this way it is possible to recharge the cell without having to use special chargers, but it will be enough to use a simple type-c cable like the one we normally use to recharge our smartphone. The interface is managed by two different switches: a mechanical one at the end which allows the light to be switched on and off and an electronic one on the side which allows the brightness level to be varied. Under the switch there is a small LED which informs the user about the residual capacity of the cell: when the LED indicator lights up with a constant green light it means that the battery is over 75%, when the LED lights up flashing green it means that the battery capacity is between 75% and 40%, When the led indicator lights up with a constant red light it means that the residual capacity of the cell is between 45% and 10%, if instead led indicator flashes red means that the cell capacity is less than 10%. The dimensions of this flashlight are 26.5mm in body diameter, 35mm in head diameter and 164 mm in length while the weight is 155 grams excluding the battery. The water resistance is given according to the IP68 standard therefore the torch is submersible in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 2 m while the impact resistance is given up to 1.2 meters in height. The body of the torch has deep grooves and milling that help in grip and improve grip. Also on the head are deep grooves which aid in heat dissipation when the flashlight is used on the highest output levels. The tail cap is not flat but it is still possible to use the torch in tailstanding mode or as if it were a candle. The U-shaped design of the tailcap prevents accidental switching on when the torch is carried, for example inside a backpack, and allows instant identification of the switch, therefore it is particularly useful for tactical applications. The threads are anodized therefore the physical lockout of the interface is also possible by simply unscrewing the tailcap slightly.

As a tactical scene of white laser tactical flashlight, TANK007 PTL01 combines the simple and clear operation logic of classical tactical flashlight with the tactical characteristics of high brightness and high collimation of white laser light source. For example, it inherits the classic tail tactical switch of the tactical high-light LED flashlight, which can be turned on and off by one key. At the same time, a multi-gear electronic switch is added to the neck of the flashlight, and a battery power display is designed on the electronic switch.

As an excellent tactical white laser flashlight, the tactical gene of TANK007 PTL01 comes from its adaptability to guns. The PTL01 high-light tactical white laser flashlight not only fully considers the size (165 (length) * 28.5 (barrel diameter) * 35 (head)) and weight (155g) for tactical applications, but also adapts the gun clips of various tactical guns, laying an unparalleled tactical advantage for front-line military police and law enforcement personnel.

TANK007 PTL01 PTL01 with 20 W high-power white laser module can explode huge energy and ultra-strong concentration. The range of 1400 meters puts other bright LED flashlights to shame, and 500 lumens of super-strong light can easily suppress ordinary bright flashlights. One-handed controllable volume, compact and solid workmanship, super directional lighting can achieve powerful light suppression, distant tracking, positioning, searching and aiming, which is undoubtedly a powerful tactical tool for military and police personnel.


> With white laser light source and multi-coated lens, the range reaches 1400 meters and the brightness reaches 500 lumens. A high power of 20 W allows the luminous intensity to reach 475000 candelas.
> One 5000mAh high-capacity 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with Type-C charging interface, 5V-1A high-current convenient and fast charging
> The anti-reverse connection design is adopted to prevent the battery from being installed against the circuit and causing damage.
> Tactical tail key switch, one touch is on, neck shift electronic key switch, click highlight-medium-low light cycle shift, double click flash.
> Power indicator function to remind the remaining battery capacity (the green light is 100% -75%, the green light flashes 75% -40%, the red light is 40% -10%, and the red light flashes less than 10%)
> The main body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 T6, with three-level anodizing surface treatment; 1.2m anti-drop; IP 68 Waterproof


> LED:White laser
> Battery life:4-8.5
> Beam Rang:1400M
> Lumens Range:500LM
> Waterproof: IP68
> Weight: 155G(NO Battery)
> Size: 35 X28.5 X 165 MM