TANK007 TC01 High Power Police Flashlights

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The TANK007 TC01 is a tactical flashlight specially designed for law enforcement. It has excellent body workmanship and is suitable for police rescue and search operations, for the outdoors in general and also for camping. This flashlight has a waterproof charging interface and increases its safety and reliability. The interface is managed using the side switch located near the torch head: it is made of metal and is easy to operate and very responsive to pressure. The body of the torch is made entirely of T6061 type aeronautical quality aluminum alloy with a fine anodizing treatment which makes the torch extremely robust against abrasion and oxidation. The anodization is of the hard type III anti-abrasive type. The optical part is composed of a high temperature vacuum coated mirror polished aluminum reflector, a mineral glass lens with anti-reflection treatment and a Cree brand LED. The maximum achievable power is 800 lumens per Turbo while the maximum throw distance is 200 meters. The TANK007 TC01 is powered by a single 3.7V rechargeable 18650 lithium cell. The package includes a battery with a capacity of 2600mAh. The body features knurling: this increases and improves grip even if your hands are damp or wet. The bezel to protect the lens is laced and can be used as a glass breaker if necessary. In hand the flashlight is very comfortable to hold, the side button is easy to reach when holding the flashlight in the palm of your hand. The flat tailcap also allows for tailstanding light placement so to use the torch as and maybe a candle. The dimensions are 13.8cm long x 2.9cm wide x 3.4cm high, while the weight is 169.3g (excluding batteries). The output levels are divided as follows: high of 800 lumens for 1.5 hours; Middle of 320 lumens for 15 hours; low of 40 lumens for 50 hours.

This light is a flashlight made with top quality materials, it is reliable and useful for different scenarios. The integrated charging system is useful which allows you to recharge the cell without having to remove it from the inside. Furthermore, the charging port is waterproof and therefore resistant to water and dirt.