Tank007 UV210 Portable UV Sterilizer Lamp

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The Tank007 UV210 is a small and compact UV torch, very light and comfortable to carry, for example inside a pocket or bag. It is equipped with a UV LED that produces a beam with 275 nm and 17 mW capable of effectively sterilizing any type of surface. The sterilization time can vary from 3 to 300 seconds while the irradiation distance from 1 to 10 cm. The irradiation diameter is 4-35cm The input voltage is 6.3V with 100mAh so the power is around 0.63W. Light management is entrusted to the single switch on the head of the light. Power is supplied by a 21700 type Li-ion cell included in the package. the cell capacity is 5000mAH.

The torch comes with a support base that allows you to keep the light vertical and direct it exactly where you need it. On the head there is the USB charging interface that allows you to charge the cell inside the light without having to remove it from the body of the flashlight. There are small dissipation fins that allow the heat produced by the LED to be dispersed during the use of the light.

The size of this finger light is extremely small; 110cm in length, 28mm in head diameter and 50mm in base diameter. water resistance is given according to the IP66 standard while resistance to drops is given up to 1m in height.

The body of this light is entirely made of military aeronautical aluminum with type III hard anodization which makes this light particularly resistant to scratches, abrasions, corrosion and bad weather.

This light is very useful for disinfecting surfaces and small objects of daily use: it can be used, for example, to sterilize the mobile phone when we return home, or the set of keys or products purchased in shops. In short, it is a very useful torch for everyday use, but it is also useful in the medical field or in beauty salons to sterilize equipment and work tools such as combs, razors, etc. The particularly reduced dimensions and weight make this light particularly comfortable to transport and to always carry with you, for example inside the bag, inside the pouch, inside the coat pocket or even in the car.

The mechanism of ultraviolet disinfection, Ultraviolet is divided into four bands A/B/C/D,Band C has disinfec-tion function,we called it UV.C,among which 254NM ultraviolet sterilization ability is relatively strong.

Size (mm) Housing:110X28X28;Base: 60 X 50
Wavelength 275nm
Sterilizing time 3 〜300s
Irradiation distance 1 〜10cm
Irradiation diameter 4 〜35cm
Electric power 0.63W
Battery 1*21700 LI battery, 5,000mAh
Input voltage 6.3V, 100mAh
Ambient temp -10℃-+50℃
Waterproof  IP66
Color Deep grey
Irradiation power 17mW