Tank007 UV330 MINI Ultraviolet Flashlight

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The Tank007 UV330 is a small and compact UV torch, very light and comfortable to carry, for example inside a pocket or purse. It is equipped with a UV LED which produces a beam with 365nm and 481000uW/cm2. The constant current integrated circuit allows an always stable output even when the cell voltage decreases. Furthermore, there is no annoying PWM that can be seen in torches that do not have a constant current circuit.
The management of the light is not entrusted to a classic button switch but the switching on and off of the light takes place via a mechanical rotary switch: in fact, it is enough to slightly rotate the head to switch the light on or off.
The dimensions of this finger light are extremely small; 7 cm in length, 19.2 mm in body diameter and a weight of only 21 grams excluding the battery (1x AA usually weighs 6 to 10g). The torch is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum with an anodized finish which makes this torch extremely robust, long-lasting, resistant to scratches, abrasions and bad weather. Drop resistance is given up to 1.5 meters in height. The hard oxidation of the body makes it extremely resistant to oxidation as well. The Tank007 UV330 is also a safe torch in fact it has the polarity inversion control system which prevents the torch from being damaged if a careless user inserts the battery inside the torch incorrectly.
The flashlight is comparable with AA cells of different types: for example it is possible to use both 1.2V Ni-Mh rechargeable AA cells but it is also possible to use alkaline and carbon cells. On the head and on the body there is a fine knurling that makes this torch pleasant to the touch and also improves the grip: the grip is always perfect even when using gloves or if your hands are damp or wet.
The UV light produced can be useful in different scenarios: it is in fact possible to verify the authenticity of banknotes, verify the presence of fat, verify the presence of bodily fluids or it can be used for the treatment of resins that harden by UV light.

Wavelength: 365nm
UV intensity: 481000uW/cm² (@1cm)
Lens: Black lens
Mode: One mode
Battery: 1*AA
Size: 70mm(L)*19.2mm(W)
Weight: 21g(not include battery)
Switch: Rotary Control Switch
Material: Aluminum/6061-T6
Anti-drop: 1.5m
Wavelength: * 365nm Wattage-1W