Tank007 UV340 MINI Black Light Antigen Reagent Test Lamp

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Tank007 UV340 MINI is a small AA size flashlight equipped with a UV LED that can detect immunochromatography antigen reagent. This fluorescent reagent detection is simple to operate and convenient to carry. In fact, Esa is very small and very light, it fits comfortably inside a pocket or handbag. Thanks to the particular UV light that this torch radiates, it is able to detect the immunological test reagent for SARS-CoV-2. This flashlight is available for purchase in two different colors: black and white. the torch is made of T6061 aluminum so it is resistant to shocks, scratches and wear. The measures are 72 mm in length while the diameter of the body is 21 mm, the height is 17 mm. The weight including the battery is only 21 grams. Drop resistance is given up to 1.5 meters in height. The use is simple and intuitive. There is a single switch that allows you to turn the light on or off. Once turned on, just direct the UV light beam towards an immunological test to verify that there is the reagent inside. The switch is located in a lateral position and is very simple to activate when, for example, you hold the torch between your fingers as if it were a pen. In the tail part the flashlight has a small ring that can be used to attach a key ring, to attach small carabiners and wrist straps. Given its extreme compactness and very light weight, this light is very comfortable to carry, for example inside a jeans pocket or inside a handbag. Furthermore, UV light can be used not only to detect the reagent in immunoassays but can also be used for room inspections, to check banknotes and to check for the presence of bodily fluids. When using this torch you must be careful not to point it at the eyes of people or animals because it could cause annoyance or damage.

LED Lifespan: Above 100,000 hours
Power Source: 1*AA battery
Output Levels: 1 mode (Always highlight)
Material: Aluminum T6061
Exterior Color: Black
Lens: Black special lens
Switch: Head revolving mechanical switch
Size(cm): 70mm(length)*19.2mm(body diameter)
Weight(g): 21g(including batteries)
Anti dropping height: 1.5m