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The TANK007 UV6100 is a high power UV flashlight equipped with 3*1W 365nm UV LED with 365nm wavelength. This flashlight is powered by a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion cell with an included micro USB charging port. The beam spot diameter of this light is 15cm at a distance of 6 cm or 50 cm at a distance of 12cm or 1m at a distance of 100cm. The effective distance of the ultraviolet light is 2m. The intensity of ultraviolet light is 100 mW per square centimeter at a distance of 15 cm, 20 mW per square centimeter at a distance of 50 cm, or four mW per square centimeter at a distance of 100 cm. The maximum runtime using an 18,350-type Li-ion battery is three hours while the usage mode is only one with a single output level. Interface management is guaranteed by the single button on the side of the torch. There is a Status indicator that provides information on the battery status: When the indicator lights up blue it means that the battery charge is between 100% and 60% when the indicator lights up blue flashing it means that the charge is between 60% and 30% when the indicator lights up red it means that the battery has a capacity between 30 and 10% while when the light flashes red it means that the battery has less than 10% capacity remaining. The dimensions of this light are 150mm in length, 21mm in body width and 41mm in head diameter while the weight is 117.5 grams excluding battery.

The body of this torch is made entirely of 6061 T6 type aluminum alloy with HAIII hard anodized treatment which makes it extremely resistant to shocks, scratches and bad weather. This flashlight is also available for purchase in different colors black, dark green, orange and gray. The package also includes, in addition to the flashlight, a rechargeable battery of the 18650type, a micro USB charging cable and a user manual.

This UV flashlight can be used effectively to detect leaks in special gas pipes, oil pipes, air conditioners, automobile circulation systems, to detect the penetration of fluorescence, fluorescent powder in industrial equipment, to stimulate the fluorescent reaction of grease and other similar materials, to detect grease stains and oil stains, check how clean pharmaceutical equipment is with riboflavin, detect crime scene clues, including marks, blood stains, semen, fingerprints fingers, hair, etc. UV light can cause the fluorescence of the sex fluid to reflect, as well as cause discolored bruises to reappear and show the fingerprint. It can detect chemical combustible materials in the fire scene. In the ultraviolet radiation, you can easily find drops of chemical combustible material on the walls, furniture and ground, identify A, B, C emeralds, ivory and bone, wolf teeth, ancient paintings, books, porcelain. It allows you to cure glue/inks/adhesives and also to identify various anti-counterfeiting labels and documents, banknotes, invoices, ID cards, passports, credit cards. also can be used for fluorescent reactions in special materials, biological research, treasure hunting, special mineral research and so on

LED: 3*1W 365nm UV LED
wavelength: 365nm
Power supply: 1*18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery with Micro USB charging port
Center spot diameter: 6cm@15cm,12cm@50cm, 30cm@100cm
UV effective distance: 2m
UV internsity:100mW/c㎡@15cm; 20mW/c㎡@50cm; 4mW/c㎡@100cm
Burning time: 3h
Mode: Single mode
Switch: Electronic side button switch; Indicator function: Battery power 100%-60%-Blue light on; Battery power 60%-30%-Blue light flashing; Battery power 30%-10%-Red light on; Battery power below 10%-Red light flashing
Size: L150*W21*H41mm
Weight: 117.5g (Without battery)
Anti-drop: 1.5m
Surface treatment: Anodized treatment
Material: Aluminum alloy 6061 T6
Colors: Black/dark green/orange/gray
Note:The above parameters are tested in the TANK007 laboratory environment,and the actual performance may vary due to changes in the battery and the use environment.

What's In the box
UV6100 Flashlight x 1, Rechargeable Battery x 1,  USB Charging Cable x 1, User Manual x 1