TrustFire DF90 15000 Lumens Diving Light

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The TrustFire DF90 15000 Lumens Diving Light is an exceptionally powerful and versatile flashlight designed for professional divers and underwater photographers. This high-performance dive light is engineered to deliver unparalleled brightness, durability, and functionality, making it an essential tool for deep-sea exploration and underwater activities.

The DF90 stands out with its remarkable maximum output of 15,000 lumens, ensuring that even the darkest underwater environments are illuminated with daylight-like clarity. This extraordinary brightness is achieved through the use of professional high CRI (Color Rendering Index) warm white LEDs, which have a CRI of ≥95. This high CRI value means that the light produced by the DF90 closely resembles natural sunlight, accurately rendering colors and details, which is crucial for underwater photography and exploration.

One of the core features of the TrustFire DF90 is its robust and professional pressure-resistant waterproof design. The flashlight is engineered to withstand the immense pressures found at depths of up to 70 meters, ensuring reliable performance during deep dives. The body of the DF90 is made from aviation-grade aluminum and is subjected to a hard anodized surface treatment, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and physical wear. This makes the flashlight exceptionally durable and capable of enduring the harsh conditions of underwater environments.

The DF90 is powered by a customized rechargeable battery pack consisting of four 21700 3.7V 4800mAh cells. This high-capacity battery pack ensures long runtimes and supports the flashlight’s intense output. The flashlight features a constant current circuit that maintains consistent brightness throughout the battery’s discharge cycle, providing stable and reliable illumination. Additionally, the DF90 supports up to 65W super-fast charging and super reverse charging, allowing for rapid recharging and the ability to use the flashlight as a power bank to charge other devices.

The flashlight offers a range of lighting modes to suit different diving conditions and requirements. The high mode delivers the full 15,000 lumens for 3.5 hours, providing maximum brightness for critical situations. The middle mode outputs 1,500 lumens for 4 hours and 50 minutes, balancing brightness and battery life for regular use. The red light mode, producing 16 lumens for 11 hours, is ideal for preserving night vision and minimizing disturbance to marine life. The violet light mode, with an output of 465 lumens for 22 hours, is perfect for highlighting fluorescent underwater features.

To ensure user comfort and safety, the DF90 incorporates a built-in intelligent temperature control system. This system prevents overheating during extended use, maintaining optimal operating temperatures and prolonging the flashlight's lifespan. The professional pressure-resistant button design allows for easy operation even at 70 meters underwater, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.

The DF90’s optical system includes double-sided anti-reflection coated tempered glass lenses. These lenses significantly reduce light loss, ensuring that the maximum amount of light reaches the target. The flashlight’s beam has a maximum distance of 168 meters (551 feet) and a beam intensity of 7056 candela, providing excellent reach and coverage underwater.

In terms of ergonomics, the TrustFire DF90 features an anti-slip barrel design, offering a secure grip even in wet conditions. Its compact dimensions (176mm in length, 63.5mm in width and height) and relatively lightweight construction (847.2 grams including the battery) make it easy to handle and maneuver underwater. The flashlight also boasts impact resistance of up to 1 meter, adding to its ruggedness and reliability.

In conclusion, the TrustFire DF90 15000 Lumens Diving Light is an exceptional tool for divers who require powerful, reliable, and versatile illumination. Its high lumen output, professional-grade construction, and advanced features make it ideal for deep-sea exploration, underwater photography, and a variety of other underwater activities. The DF90’s combination of brightness, durability, and user-friendly design ensures that divers can focus on their adventures with confidence, knowing they have a dependable light source at their disposal. Whether navigating through underwater caves, exploring shipwrecks, or capturing the vibrant colors of marine life, the TrustFire DF90 delivers outstanding performance and reliability, making it an indispensable part of any diver’s equipment.


  1. Professional pressure-resistant and waterproof structure design,with
  2. diving protection depth up to 70 meters;
  3. Professional high CRl warm white LED,CRl>95;
  4. Professional pressure-resistant button design,it can still be operated
  5. even under 70 meters of water;
  6. Maximum 15,000 lumens,as bright as day;
  7. Supports up to 65W super fast charging and super reverse charging;
  8. White light,red light and ultraviolet three-color fill light method.
  9. Use internationally patented LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours;
  10. Built-in intelligent temperature control system to prevent overheating,during use of the flashlight and improve comfort;
  11. Use 4-cell 3.7V 4800mAh 21700 customized rechargeable battery pack.
  12. USB Type-C charging technology with charging indication function;
  13. 176mm(length)*63.5mm (short head);
  14. Net weight:847.2 grams (including battery);
  15. Constant current circuit,constant brightness;
  16. Anti-slip barrel design;
  17. Made of aviation aluminum and subjected to hard anodized surface an-ti-wear treatment;
  18. Use double-sided ant-reflection coated tempered glass lenses to effec-tively reduce light loss.


Max Lumens: 15000 lumens

Max Beam Distance: 168 meters (551 feet)

Max Runtime: 22 hours

Max Beam Intensity: 7056 candela

Size: Length: 176mm、Width: 63.5mm 、Height: 63.5mm

Net Weight: 847.2g (Include battery)

Battery: TrustFire-DF90 battery pack,Capacity: 4800mAh; Voltage: 14.8V; Power: 71.04WH

Impact Resistance: 1 meter

Waterproof: 70 meters underwater


MODES Output Runtime
High Mode 15000 lumens 3.5 hours
Middle Mode 1500 lumens 4 hours 50 minutes
Red Light Mode 16 lumens 11 hours
Violet Light Mode 465 lumens 22 hours


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