Vapcell U2 2A Smart Mini USB Charger

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The Vapcell U2 is a universal smart charger 2A charging current with almost all cylindrical rechargeable batteries, this eliminating the need to own several chargers.  The U2 automatically detects Li-ion,Ni-MH and Ni-CD, and through manual selection is also capable of charging LiFePO4 batteries, Intelligent charging circuit selects the optimal charging mod (CC,CV and dV/dt) for a given battery and each of the U2’s two microcomputer-controlled charging slots,then monitors and charges the battery independently, Furthermore , four LEDs display charging progress clearly.

The Vapcell U2 : the world’s most advanced,cost effective and fast fully automatic charger. It is as simple as insert, detect and charge . 

1. MODE Button:
Press to select the type of battery (Li-ion 3.7V/Li-ion 3.8V/IFR 3.2V/NI-MH 1.2V) when inserting the battery. it will begin to charge the battery after fixing the battery type .please noted that it will automatically identify Li-ion and Ni-Mh, no need to choose manually. but it can't automatically identify Li-ion 3.7V/Li-ion 3.8V/IFR 3.2V battery, If you don't choose manually,the system will choose Li-ion 3.7V by default.then the full charge voltage is 4.2V.So be sure to choose the type of rechargeable battery!

2. CURRENT button:

Set up the type of rechargeable battery, then select the charging current 0.5A,1A and 2A. 

3. LED indicator

Power on, connect power wire to charger ,all LED indicators will be on, after 1 second,the LED will be turned off except for the indicator 0.5A current
when the battery is inserted into the charger,Li-ion 3.7 V or Ni-MH LED indicators blink, please press the MODE button to set the correct type of battery. Then set the correct current of battery ,it will begin to charge the battery after 5 seconds, and the LED indicators show the charging status.

If the battery is reversed when charging,all four LEDs will display and flicker to remind the correct battery positive and negative contacts.

4. Press the MODE button to show the type of battery (5 seconds) during charging and return to show the charging status
it can show the remaining battery power, if you put the battery in the charger (with no connection to the power charging)

5.USB output indicator                                                

Cut off the input power, put the li-ion battery into the second slot of the charger, and display the percentage of battery power by four LED lights, which is 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. Then connect the USB output line to various devices to act as a mobile power supply to charge the device. Note that only the second slot of the charger has a USB output function.

 Parameters and Features 

1. Parameters:




5V 2A

Output Current


DC 4.35V     0.5A×2 / 1A×2 / 2A×1

DC 3.65V     0.5A×2 / 1A×2 / 2A×1

DC 4.20V     0.5A×2 / 1A×2 / 2A×1

DC 1.48V     0.5A×2


Package Content

Charger, USB cable, Manual

Notes :Batteries are excluded


Apply to (battery diameter:10-26mm,length:34-75mm)







*Easy to use,smart 2A charger

* USB output to charge mobile phone

*Top surface have a button top type feature to make contact in recessed battery

*Sliding chute is long enough for 21700.20700 size,including button top or PCB 20700/21700

*It is compatible with every type of rechargeable battery.

*Two batteries and USB products can be simultaneously charged.

*Three charging current parameters (0.5A/1.0A/2.0A)

*Four LED indicators show the charging status (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and also shows the battery type, if inserted into the battery (1.2 V in Ni-Mh, 3.2V in IFR,3.7V in Li-Ion, 3.8V in li-ion)

* It is automatically able to identify li-ion, Ni-Mh, But, you need to adjust the charging mode for 3.2V IFR(lifepo4) and 3.8V in the li-ion battery.

*Charging protection, over-discharge protection and protection of polar reverse.also, it can detect a broken battery.


* Indoor condition only !!

* Don’t take apart your charger.

* Keep it dry when you don’t use it .

* Please don’t charge leakage, corrosion or dead battery

* Please remember to cut off the power when you don’t use

*Please don’t be exposed your charger to rain or water or snow.

* Charger are getting hot during operation for a long time, handle with care!

* This charger is only for charging the cylindrical lithium-ion (li-ion 3.7v, 3.8v), Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd, LiFePO4 (IFR) batteries.

*Please read these instructions before use; pay attention to the recommended charging current, never choose the wrong charging current.

* When the charge with 5V USB AC adapter, 2A-current AC adapter recommended

*Please cut off the electricity and remove the battery from the charger when charging is complete.

* Data guideline of chargers are for your reference only; please refer to professional instrumentation, if you need accurate data.

* In order to reduce shock, please cut off the power when you clean the charger.

* Don’t repair yourself. Please contact the professional maintenance person when you need.

* Please make sure the correct program and setting are chosen and set . Incorrect program or setting may damage the charger or case fire or explosion

*Do not misuse in any way! Use for intended purpose and function only .

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