Weltool FH5 V2.0 CORDURA Flashlight Holster

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Light-transparent hole at the bottom, which can be found in time when the flashlight switch is accidentally touched.

Durable Quick Release Duraflex Buckle.

Double straps designed in the back:  Thickened MOLLE lanyards and Belt loop.

Velvet lining inside will not scratch the surface of flashlight.

The junction part is reinforced with BAR-TACK for strong and sturdy.

FH5 can fit flashlights with diameter less than 36mm and length less than 162mm, 

such as Weltool T14L, T14LEP, W1, T8Plus, T8Plus TAC, W3Pro, W3Pro TAC

1. What is Cordura?
CORDURA is a kind of nylon fabric.
The durability of CORDURA is twice as the standard nylon fabric, 3 times as the polyester fabric, and 10 times as cotton canvas.
This means that the lighter CORDURA can provide the same effect as the heavier standard nylon, polyester fiber or cotton canvas.
And durability pf CORDURA also shows in its exceptionally excellent resistance to tears, scuffs and abrasions.

2. How can it be compatible with many type of flashlights?
The CORDURA material has the good performance in resistance of stretch;
The Velvet lining, it makes some small size flashlight could fix in it.

3. How can it be compatible with Molle?
The hard durable and straight backboard make the pouch uneasy to be deformed;
The wide band makes it suitable for many sizes of belt, Molle bag.