Weltool LF33Y / LF33G filter for W3Pro, W3Pro TAC

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The LF33Y filter set a yellow lens, designed for W3Pro TAC, also compatible with LH1, LH3 head.

After using this filter, the beam of W3Pro TAC will turn into an orange beam with spill.

The orange light is similar to car fog lights, and it is more eye-catching in rainy and snowy weather or dense fog. "Being seen" is very important, especially suitable for outdoor use.

The filter has an elastic cover, which can quickly open the filter to convert the W3Pro TAC to the original beam.

When flashlights with different light sources use this filter, the converted light color is different, the actual object shall prevail.

The LF33G is designed for W3Pro and W3Pro TAC, with a green lens, which converts the original white light of the flashlight into a green light beam, suitable for hunting.

With elastic cover design, open more quickly.

This filter is also compatible with Weltool LH1, LH3 light head.