Wolf Eyes 6HA Dual-Switch Tailcap with Removable Tapeswitch

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The Wolf Eyes 6HA Dual-Switch flashlight is a versatile and innovative lighting tool designed to meet the needs of both hunting and tactical applications. With its unique dual-purpose tailcap and removable remote tapeswitch, this flashlight provides flexibility, convenience, and exceptional performance for users in various scenarios.

The Wolf Eyes 6HA features a tailcap that serves a dual purpose. It can be used as a hunting tailcap when equipped with the remote tapeswitch or as a tactical tailcap when used without it. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities and professional use.

One remarkable feature of this flashlight is its ability to maintain 100% brightness without any power loss on the cable. Whether you're using the rear button or the tapeswitch, the flashlight always delivers maximum brightness, ensuring you have a reliable source of illumination.

The included tapeswitch is specially designed for rifle users, offering easy operation. Simply press the tapeswitch for Momentary-On and to switch between modes. This design streamlines the user experience, particularly in tactical situations.

The rear button on the flashlight has two operation modes. Soft pressing activates Momentary-On, while firm pressing provides Constant-On or turns the flashlight off. Additionally, you can change the brightness levels and modes by adjusting the pressure and duration of your presses.

Installing the tapeswitch is simple and reliable. Secure the tapeswitch onto the tailcap by screwing the connector clockwise. This ensures a stable and secure connection, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about disconnections.The tapeswitch connector features a rubber cap that provides excellent water resistance for the tailcap. This feature ensures the flashlight remains functional even in wet or rainy conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Users can choose from various tapeswitch cable options, including a coil cord (35 inches), straight cord (9 inches), or straight cord (15 inches), depending on their specific needs and preferences.

The Wolf Eyes 6HA Dual-Switch flashlight combines exceptional build quality, innovative features, and flexibility to cater to the diverse requirements of users. Whether you're a hunter in need of a reliable tailcap for remote operation or a tactical professional seeking a powerful and adaptable flashlight, the Wolf Eyes 6HA delivers in both performance and convenience. Its rugged construction, water-resistant design, and dual-mode operation make it a dependable choice for various lighting needs.

    Material Aircraft Aluminum with HA-III Military Grade Hard Anodization


    Length 42mm (Tailcap Only)
    Weight 63g (with coil cord 35")
    Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60°C
    Suitable for Most Wolf-Eyes® Single-18650-battery Flashlights