Wolf-Eyes HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery

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  • With high-quality 18650 li-ion power battery cell: extreme low internal resistance, providing a ultra-long lifespan up to 2,000 recharge cycles, which is 4 times of the normal 18650 battery!
  • High-rate dischargeability due to its low internal resistance: enables your flashlight to reach its best output!
  • High battery capacity of 3400mAh: providing a satisfying flashlight runtime.
  • Safe to use with multiple battery protection: undercharge protection, overcharge protection and short-circuit protection.
  • Patented design of cathode protection.
  • Unique protection cap on negative electrode.
  • Double layers of wrapping.
  • CE certificated.
Battery Type 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Power Battery
Voltage 3.7V




Length 68mm
Weight 47g
Battery Protection Undercharge Protection / Overcharge Protection / Short-circuit Protection
Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60°C