Wolf Eyes Pro Seal Ultra Flashlight

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The Wolf Eyes Pro Seal Ultra is a torch created to be used for hunting as a direct evolution of the previous model Pro Seal HI with Ultra-Power. The update brings the power of this flashlight to 20W and thanks to the Luminus SFT-40-W LED it is able to reach 1620 lumens with a maximum range of 994 meters. This incredible distance can be reached thanks to the large and thick aspherical lens with which the flashlight is equipped which allows you to focus the beam in an extreme way and generate a very narrow and bright hotspot. The aspherical lens has a diameter of 82mm. but a second head with an aluminum reflector is also supplied with the flashlight. The dimensions of the flashlight are: 195mm (with lens head) / 173mm (with reflector head) in length, 82mm (with lens head) / 50mm (with reflector head) the diameter of the head, 25 mm the diameter of the body while the weight is 390g (with lens head) / 224g (with reflector head). The operating temperature ranges from -20° to 60°C. The user can therefore choose between the head with aspherical lens with the possibility of varying the flood spot beam, or the head with reflector (smaller than the previous one but with a fixed focal length and therefore with a non-modifiable beam. To interchange the two heads, just unscrew the mounted head and screw the other one: the operation is very simple and is done in a few seconds.The digital control of the output level with which this torch is equipped allows the user to choose the best combination of brightness and autonomy based on to your different lighting needs.The 6HA-Remote Tape switch Tailcap makes the flashlight suitable for both tactical and hunting purpose.The flashlight is made of aviation aluminum with HAIII type hard anodizing which can resist corrosion, shock, drop and inclement weather. The maximum luminous intensity is 52535 candles for the reflector head or 246856 candles for the aspherical lens head. tput level is 1620 lumens, which allows you to keep the flashlight on for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Then there is a 50% level with a 4 hour runtime, 20% level with a 6 hour 40 minute runtime, and a 2% level with a 55 hour runtime. For this model it is possible to optionally purchase the following accessories: Procap-Tailcap / 6HA-Tailcap / 6A-Tailcap, HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery, CH-01 AC Charger / DH-01 Car Charger, MM- 80 / PM-30 + PM-50 mounts. This flashlight is ideal for hunting or tactical environments due to the innovative dual head design: aspherical lens with rotating focus function that allows users to get a narrow and wide beam when adjusting the flashlight ideal for long illumination distance and head with reflector for high power illumination.

* Note: Seal Ultra will only reach its designed output when using Wolf-Eyes® HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery.

    LED    Luminus SFT-40-W
    Material    Aircraft Aluminum with HA-III Military Grade Hard Anodization
    1 x HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery
    Head Diameter    82mm (with lens head) / 50mm (with reflector head)
    Body Diameter    25mm
    Length    195mm (with lens head) / 173mm (with reflector head)
    Weight without battery    390g (with lens head) / 224g (with reflector head)
    Operation Temperature    -20 ~ 60°C

    Accessory Option:
    1 HD B-168 lithium-ion rechargeable battery with large discharge (3400mAh) (yellow standard version, only Pro Seal Ultra include it)
    1 x Ch-01/168 AC single-channel charger, only Pro Seal Ultra include it