Wuben AC1 Flashlight Diffuser

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The Wuben AC1 is a small diffuser made of soft silicone that can be installed on the head of a Wube torch to generate a soft and diffused beam. the bulbs that are used with this small filter turn into real little lanterns and are ideal for example in camping or as signal lights, reading light, tent light, table light etc. The Wuben AC1 diffuser causes the LED light to emit a soft light that is evenly distributed throughout. It can be used as a table light, reading light and camping lights. AC1 is compatible with the torch head diameter of 24.5 - 26mm. The Wuben AC1 diffuser has great resistance to atmospheric agents and wear and can also be used in the rain. It is also impact resistant and particularly durable. It is compatible with TO46R, TO40R, E10, E12R, L50, L50S, C3 etc. or with any other torch also of other brands with a head diameter between 24.5 and 26 mm. Its exact dimensions are 27mm high and 25mm in diameter, but being soft and slightly stretchable it fits well with similar but slightly different sized torches. The silicone that the AC1 is made of is also heat resistant: this is important because some lights produce a very powerful beam and the heat produced by these lights could cause damage. But the Wuben AC1 diffuser has no problem because it resists high temperatures even if you use the Turbo torches, the diffuser cannot be damaged in any way.